Listening to the body…

Sometimes that’s what you have to do.

I ended up bagging yesterday’s run. I ate ok with breakfast and everything, but by the time I got to school I was feeling slightly light headed. Not like I was going to faint, but just kind of…off. Something happened that set adrenaline flowing early on, and that definitely didn’t help matters. I got food from our store at school for lunch in addition to what I’d brought, but that slightly off feeling never went away. I opted to listen to my body and not risk something happening on a run. Yes, I faithfully wear my RoadID, but still…I’d rather not have to use it ever.

Today I debated if I should do yesterday’s run or do today’s scheduled XT. I ended up doing XT for a couple of reasons. 1) I don’t want to push the mileage jumps too much, and since I only did 6.9 miles last week…yeah. And 2) I know that the XT is good for me and also necessary in my training program.

So hello Bob Harper’s Butt and Balance followed by his Yoga Abs. To paraphrase Legally Blonde the Musical “I hate you Bob! And I love you for it!!” I can tell I’ve slacked on these from the way my muscles are still screaming at me over an hour later. Definitely keeping these in the rotation!!

But yes…listening to your body is definitely the way to go.

(Of course there’s learning to listen to what your body is legitimately saying vs. what it’s trying to trick you into thinking it’s saying. But that’s another post.)


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