Got the plan, ready to go!!

This morning I went for my run in Prospect Park. Having the day off from school, it was nice not to have to get up around 4 to get the run in just in case my call-in at Disney is a “yes”. On the way over on the subway, I decided that I was going to push myself during this run. Try my best not to drop to a walk, but also listen to my body. Given that I took all of last week off (save Saturday), I want to be sure not to go totally overboard this week and end up back on the DL.

I got 4.57 miles done at an average pace of 11:47. And overall I felt and feel good. I did drop to a walk in a couple of the running intervals, but I kept my walking pace up. This tells me that I really can push the pace more than I have been. And so for the rest of marathon training, I’ve got a plan.

* Midweek runs will be done at a higher pace. But also keeping it steady – other than stride on Thursdays, I’m going to try not to do mid-run surges. The final run interval will be pushed to mimic finishing strong – and also teach my body not to slow down at the end.

* Long runs will have their average pace increased to 12/12:30 minute miles. I think dropping those paces to 13/14 minute miles did have some contribution to the performances in my past two halves. Maybe not a lot of contribution, but some for sure.

* DAILY I will do Coach Jenny’s stretching plan. Work on the flexibility and staying loose!

* XT will go back to Bob Harper’s Butt and Balance and Yoga Abs combo. I may throw in Yoga for the Warrior in addition to something one day a week. But we shall see.

I am ready, and I am focused. I can do this!!!!!

* * * * *

On another note, I have had a couple of friends tell me about how I’ve influenced them with my running journey. Thank you! It means more to me than I can say. While I certainly didn’t start on this to influence people, it is encouraging to me to know I have – definitely encouraging to me to keep it up!

I get the daily Runner’s World Quote of the Day in my email. And today’s really seemed to fit – in a weird way as it hasn’t really been my goal, but it’s a perk.

“My goal has always been to introduce other people to running. They might accomplish something they never thought they could.” ~ Grete Waitz

Grete Waitz statue at the Norway Pavillion at Epcot

Thank you Grete for being!

And thank you to my readers, my family and my friends who continue to encourage me!


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