Tears…of happiness!!

Ok, so I didn’t technically cry, but I felt like weeping for joy.

After the Wine and Dine, even with the things I’ve figured out in looking over it, I needed a good run in the worst way, and today delivered.

6.9 miles in Prospect Park at an 11:53 average pace!! And I felt great the whole way. (Well, besides when I needed to suck down some GU, but once I did I was back to great.)

Yes, technically this should have been a LSR. Meaning my pace should have been at least a minute per mile slower. But I’ll take it.

I went the way the course will go for the Rock n Roll New York 10K two weeks from today – though I started it at a different place on the loop. That meant The Beast twice. The good thing is I hit it at later points in the loops than I will during the race – and I did the run segments on it and kept the pace relatively steady the whole way! BOUNS!! I’m going to do as many of my runs as I can between now and then in Prospect Park so I can just get my legs used to that thing again!!

I think a lot of the pace thing is that I was running to music – something I almost never do. But I’ve decided that I’m going to (barring torrential rains as I don’t have a waterproof case for the iPod) listen to the Billy Elliot cast recording during the Walt Disney World Marathon as the show is closing that day in NYC and I would so love to be there. Since I haven’t run to music in a while, I wanted to see what it would do. And if nothing else, today was my proof that I definitely tend to adjust my pace to the music I’m listening to. (Oh, on a music note…after hearing it at literally every speaker point on the W&D course – be it a band or just a DJ – if I never hear the song “Dynamite” again it will be too soon. SOOOOOO sick of that song.) So…races? Music = potentially a good thing for me. LSRs? I’ll be sticking to podcasts or audio books.

But yes. I’m feeling much better about this running thing today. 😀 Hooray!!


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