Well, that puts a new spin on things.

Remember back at the end of August when I seemingly had an allergic reaction to peanut butter? And it seemed to follow what had been going on at the beach?

Well, today was my appointment with an allergist. He’d been recommended to me by someone in Front Runners, and his ratings on ZocDoc were great. And I can see why! He started off just talking with me. At one point early on I laughed, and he looked at me and said “Do you have asthma?” I didn’t even feel like I was wheezing at all, but he heard wheezing in my laugh! We talked more, and he said that he wanted to do a lung function test for me before he did any allergy testing so he “wouldn’t kill me”. Turns out that today, when I felt like I wasn’t really wheezing all that bad and felt like I was breathing ok? My lungs were working at 50% capacity.


No wonder I felt like I was struggling on Saturday night – I’d been sneezing most of the day and definitely felt the wheezing then. If I was at 50% when I felt generally ok, I can only imagine what I must have been at when I was in the midst of allergies or whatever!

So no allergy testing today. Instead, I got a 5-day scrip for prednisone and a Symbicort inhaler. And an appointment for not next Monday but the one after. He’ll check me again, and likely do testing then. He said he’ll do a pollen test for various allergens as well as testing for other food allergies and peanuts. He said he might actually just do a blood test for the peanuts. So we’ll see.

But yeah…that definitely sheds some more light on things from the other night.


2 thoughts on “Well, that puts a new spin on things.

  1. Since I’ve stumbled upon your blog I’ve been checking back here and there. (Hope you don’t mind! As a new-ish runner and a soon-to-be first-time Disney runner, you’re a great motivator for me!)

    Just this year I was diagnosed with asthma, (My lung function test came back between 65-70%.) and honestly I was relieved with the diagnosis. It felt good to know there was a real reason I felt crappy when I ran too fast (and I use the term “fast” lightly), and that it wasn’t just that I was out of shape.

    I’ve learned that if I control my pace, and use my inhaler before my runs, I’m usually okay. Although I’m still working to learn my triggers, and some days the air is worse for me than others (I’ve also learned that humid air tends to be better for asthmatic runners than dry air.)

    Anyway, good luck with all the tests. I hope you get everything figured out and under control!

    • Thanks so much for reading and coming back! 😀

      The asthma isn’t new to me…I had it as a child, then it went away but came back a few years ago. I think I’ve just gotten so used to decreased capacity I don’t notice it until it gets really bad. But yeah…hopefully we can get me on a regimin that will really work. Even if it means having to do the mail-a-scrip thing because my prescription insurance only allows three refills in a pharmacy. Craziness.

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