Disney Wine and Dine Half – The Fact-Filled Version

To be honest, this one was rough. And ugly. This is going to be the nuts and bolts version. I’ll do the emotional analysis part in another post.

The whole weekend started off royally fun with delays on my Southwest flights. Well, that the flight from Baltimore was delayed was a blessing so I had time to grab a little bit of food. But yeah…delays are not how I want to start out a vacation! My sister picked me up at the airport, and we went to her house and went to bed.

Thursday I went with her to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. She went to work (her office is there) and I went into the park to play. I finished everything I wanted to do by around noon, so I took a boat to EPCOT. Did a ton of stuff there as the park was empty! Mission Space twice – walked on!!! Test Track twice – walked on in the single rider line! And numerous other things. Andrea came and met up with me to see Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. Then we went home.

Friday was errands, then meeting up with Seth for dinner. We drove around a while after that, then went home.

Saturday morning, Andrea and I walked the Disney Halloween 5K. It was at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and was a lot of fun. There was a huge bottle neck as the course narrowed from a couple of driving lanes to a sidewalk. Grr! Lost some time there, but it was ok. In a backstage area, there were some animal handlers out with what we think was an owl, a tortoise, and something else. When we passed the tortoise going to the turn around he was sitting. by the time we made it back to him, he was trying to walk into the race path. LOL. The garmin said 49 minutes…we’re saying around 47ish with the bottleneck and slowing up.We had fun!

Then it was over to the Magic Kingdom with Seth for the 40th anniversary celebration. That was cool – and definitely fun to be part of. After that it was lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, then home for naps. About 6:30 we were headed to EPCOT for Seth and me to get on a bus to the Wide World of Sports complex for staging for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.

In the gathering area we danced, hung out with some people from ROTE, hit the porta-potties, and eventually headed over to the corrals. We were in Corral B and managed to be up towards the front of it! WOO! First (and probably last) time I was well within sight of the starting line at the start of the race. The fireworks went off for our corral, and we were off.

Things started off pretty well. I wasn’t sure of the pace we were going because when I changed the battery in my foot pod, it’s been refusing to sync with the watch. GRR!!! But it felt ok. Seth and I were together until a little after the 5K mark, then things started going downhill for me. I had to drop to a walk and Seth went on ahead and I never caught up. That’s fine. I’d told him if he needed/wanted to go ahead that was fine, I’d meet him at the Rose and Crown.

I made it through Animal Kingdom, but just before 10K I started feeling a twinge in my ITB. The left one. Same as usual. But it felt crazy early for it to be happening. I tried walking a little more. There was a bit of panic when we were heading out of the DAK parking lot and could see the sweeper vans pulling into the parking lot. Granted, there were a few miles between where I was and where they were, but just seeing them didn’t help my mental state.

Still, I kept going. A little further down the road, as we were heading towards Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I pulled off to the side of the road and moved my strap down below my knee to see if that would help anything. See, when I’d try to run, it was sore and even cramping in my knee, so I’d end up walking again. The band moving helped a little, but it still hurt. And I was virtually in tears.

Trying to run/speed walk while crying/trying not to cry? Not fun.

By the time we got into Studios, I just wanted it to be done. I was tired, I was in pain (well, other than my calves which felt great in my new compression socks), and I was frustrated because I knew my time wasn’t going to be near what I wanted. Still, I kept going, even if I was walking.

I knew Andrea was going to try and be somewhere outside of International Gateway to cheer us/me. Initially we’d talked about her being outside the Yacht and Beach Club. She wasn’t there, but she was a little further down and closer to the finish line. Seeing her helped me a little…but I still couldn’t run.

Made it towards the finish line – windiest, curviest thing I ever have seen. I managed to “run” across it.

Initially my results texts and emails said 3:00:08, but the official results list my chip time as 2:58:01. Mentally that helps me. But it’s still tough to take.

Overall I enjoyed this one more than Disneyland – it definitely felt Disney all the way through. I was a little sad to discover at the end that the “free drink” option was only either beer or soda. I (and at least one other person on ROTE) definitely remember reading that wine would be an option also. And as someone who doesn’t like beer all that much (Black Velvets being an exception – but that’s half cider) and who doesn’t want soda directly after finishing a race, it made me sad that there wasn’t a wine option. After all, it’s not called the Beer and Dine Half Marathon!!! GRR!! I was also less than thrilled that the finish line medical people were pretty much not communicating with those of us finishing around my time. I was put standing next to someone else by a volunteer, and the guy whose area we were at just mumbled something we couldn’t understand and walked off, leaving both of us standing there. A couple of other guys who were tagged as medical weren’t helping anyone, but none of them made a move to come to us. I ended up just leaving to meet up with Andrea and Seth. Fortunately Andrea had seen medical stations all around the festival, so we went to one of those for me to get ice for my knee. I got the chocolate lava cake from the Ireland tent, and got a Black Velvet. YUM. Went back to Andrea’s for a nap, and then it was off to the airport.

The flights back were luckily uneventful. I had on my compression tights AND socks AND on the first leg (I had a direct flight…but with one stopover just no plane change) I got the best seat – the emergency exit row seat without a seat in front of it (only good thing about Southwest imho)!! Still, I decided that bathroom access would be good for leg two, so I moved up to the aisle seat in the front row. Only real problem was that I had breakfast at around 6:30 and my flight didn’t land in Newark until 2:30pm so by the time I got home it was around 5/5:30. And I’d only had “snacks” as Southwest a) doesn’t sell food on their flights and b) doesn’t allow enough turn around time you could leave the plane to get food. (Note to Southwest in case you google your name and read this: Some of your “direct” flights are ridiculously long and it’s bordering on cruel and unusual punishment to not have any option for food besides your crappy “snacks”.) To say I was hungry when I got home would be an understatement.

So hungry, tired, sore…it was emotional last night. Still kind of am. That’s why this was just the nuts and bolts. I’ll do a more reflective post later. MAYBE tonight, but we’ll see.


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