Evening out…

It had to happen. I couldn’t keep running like I was for ever.

Still, the comedown wasn’t horrid. I was a little slower than last week’s runs, but what I’m most proud of is that while I was a little wheezy at the beginning, I managed to rhythmically breathe my way through it and finished stronger than I started. So that’s definitely a good sign!! And I’m not letting it get me down. They can’t all be magical runs or magical weeks.

It was another early morning as I had a call-in with my part-time job. Of course, since I had done my run early, the answer was “no, enjoy your evening”, but oh well. I kind of like getting it done early…though after work I could have used the stress release and endorphins. One of those days for sure.

Tomorrow will be another early one (I think) partly because of weather and partly because a friend and I are seeing a show at 7, so…yeah. Another early morning for me. Whee!


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