Rest day!!

* Rest days are good things! Not too many, but my body does better with one day a week of rest. At least rest from my regular training. I don’t sit completely motionless. But I don’t do a lot of extra activity. I did walk home after going by the gym (more on that in a sec), but I kept it at a slow (to me and my normal walking glacial) pace. It was too pretty outside not to take advantage of it.

* Training plans are great, but it really comes down to finding your own recipe. Coach Jenny tweeted me today and said that’s what it sounds like is happening with me – I’m finding my own recipe of what works. Hooray!

* Did I mention my probably peanut butter allergy in here? When I was at the beach, I noticed that my chin was a little burny/itchy and had a breakout or rash on it. I attributed it to the sun/sunscreen/saltwater combination…and more fried foods than I normally eat. And I was a little wheezier than usual, but I attributed that to being in central air as well as just different air when I was outside. Then I came back and things cleared up. The next time I had peanut butter was in the banana breakfast shake I love after a run one morning. Within a few minutes, I noticed my chin doing the itchy/burny and breakout in rash thing and that I was getting wheezy when I’d breathed fine during my run and before drinking the shake. I’d had bananas since the beach and nothing. I’d had milk since the beach and nothing. But I hadn’t had peanut butter since the beach. Googled allergy symptoms and bingo, what I was experiencing fit. So I’ve got an appointment with an allergist next Monday (not tomorrow, next week) to hopefully get some answers. I’ve gotten some Nutella and have been having that on toast occasionally for breakfast. It’s ok. If/when I do turn out to be allergic, I’ll explore almond butter (assuming no allergy to almonds) or sunflower seed butter. But man… I’m realizing how many of my favorite treats have peanut butter in them: Reese’s Cups, Nutter Butters, the Little Debbie chocolate peanut butter wafers, peanut or peanut butter M&Ms, etc. Not to mention just plain old PB&J or my banana breakfast shake. 😦 SADNESS!!!!

Tonight will be an early to bed night so I can get up WAY early and do my run in case I get a “Yes” when I call into the store tomorrow afternoon. If they say no, then I’ve got the afternoon to stretch and roll. No biggie. But if I don’t get up and run and they say yes, then my schedule for the week is messed up. So…better to get it done and find that I didn’t need to do it that early than not get it done and be scrambling.


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