Some random thoughts…

* I think my chiropractor is also practicing voodoo. I swear whenever I get a card/message/email from his office about “It’s been a while since we’ve seen you…” within 24 hours my back starts hurting. Right now it’s my lower back – started twinging on my long run today. Blech. Bonding with the heating pad tonight – and doing some stretching to try and loosen it up since it’ll be at least Friday before I can get in to see him.

* In spite of the lower back twinging from about mile 4/5 on, I had a good 6.98 mile run in Central Park this morning. I hadn’t remembered there was a race today, so that was interesting. I thought about going to the race festival when I finished my run, but didn’t. And I’m very, very sadface because I found out after the fact that Bob Harper was there as were Hannah and Olivia from last season. 😦 😦 😦 I would have loved to have met them!!!!

* I randomly looked at the soles of my Ravennas today (I know it’s time to start rotating another pair in just from the little niggles here and there) to see the wear pattern. I was curious to see where I’m striking and pushing off from. Apparently I’m pretty much a midfoot runner – there’s clear wear on the midfoot portion and little to no wear on the heels. As in I could still do an easy rubbing of the Brooks logo on there.

* The gym. My Planet Fitness dues came out of my account today. I haven’t darkened the door of that place in over a month. Even with the heat and humidity this summer I only used it…maybe once? The thought of another snowy, icy winter like last one almost makes me want to keep the membership simply for the treadmills. But honestly I’m not sure if it’s worth it – even if it is only $10/month. I don’t have a spring race planned right now. And the odds of it being so bad it ruins my WDW Full training are probably slim. I’m 99% sure I’m going to go in and cancel it this week. It’s just that tiny worry about what if…? that’s giving me pause.


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