Well, I tried them…

Sketchers running shoes that is.

I know Meb has signed on with them to endorse them as they sponsor him.

I know Joe of The Marathon Show got some and wore them in the Disneyland Half and fell in love with them.

Though I was extremely skeptical, I was willing to give them a try and maybe come on here and admit that I was wrong and they’re fantastic…

But I can’t do that.

Tonight when I’d gone to wander around in Times Square because I was bored, I decided to go into Sketchers and try them on. I explained to Julie, the salesperson who was helping me, that I’d heard a lot about them and was curious. I told her up front I wasn’t going to be buying anything tonight – most particularly because I’ve got a half marathon in 2 weeks and don’t want to make a radical change this close in. To her credit, she completely understood. She does…I think she said fitness competitions and said she won’t compete in new shoes either. She sticks with what she’s been training in. I don’t feel that I got any less attention because of that information (the not buying thing) than I would have otherwise.

I wasn’t able to run on the sidewalk (well, who could run on 42nd Street anyway…unless it’s the NYC Half Marathon??), but they did have a treadmill, which was more than I was expecting.

I tried on both the SSR ProSpeed and the GoRun flats. The flats I almost liked…but the “go impulse sensors” felt weird under my feet, and I’m not ready for minimalist shoes yet. Not sure I ever will be. The ProSpeeds…I never really felt stable in them. The bottom isn’t quite as rounded as the bottom of their Shape-Ups, but it’s still rounded. But I was willing to consider that maybe, just maybe, the instability was something that would go away as I ran in them.

However, there was one other little issue.

Remember the drama I had over the Asics GT 2160s rubbing that tendon or whatever – that I discovered in the week before the WDW Half? The rubbing that sent me looking for new shoes and landed me in Brooks? The ProSpeed did that. Possibly even worse than the Asics.

So no, I will NOT be running in Sketchers any time soon. I’m sticking with my Brooks which fit me like Cinderella’s glass slippers. (Though I’m still going to look into transitioning to a neutral shoe – possibly the Brooks Glycerins.)

And in training news, I did Yoga for the Warrior again tonight. Yay!


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