Who even AM I???

Today was another run of 8 reps of 3/2 intervals. I was also supposed to do “strides” today.

Because of impending rain, I decided to just go over to Von King Park and run around that. I did some loops (it’s small) of the park and the surrounding sidewalk. Put on a podcast from Marathon Talk (still no new ones of The Marathon Show) and had that. Additionally I employed the song technique I learned in the one on Tuesday’s run for the run segments – song of choice was “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from the musical Mary Poppins (it’s a bit different from the movie). And apparently it works for me.

I felt great the whole time. And my pace? Average of 11:39. WHAT EVEN????? That is serious crazycakes!!! I don’t know when I’ve done that in a training run in forever!! WOOHOO!!!!!!

Strides are in the Marathoning for Mortals plan. It’s like, starting off normal pace and building to as fast as you can run and stay in control for what’s supposed to be 30 seconds. I ended up doing them for around 20-25 seconds, and then had a minute walk break in between them. Still felt great…though admittedly I was really ready for them to be over. But this was my first time doing them in a while, so I’ll take it.

Seriously loving how running feels right now!!!


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