Yep! Still good!!

Did my short run of the week today (didn’t have to go into the store) – 7 reps of 3/2 plus warm-up and cool-down.

I went to Prospect Park, not really knowing a) how my legs were going to react to back to back run days and b) moreso how they were going to react to hills. Yes, I had a great average pace yesterday, but that was on pretty much flat ground. Maybe a teeny incline here or there, but overall nothing of import.

The short of it? Yesterday’s average pace was 12:07. Today’s was 12:09.

I’d say my legs held up just fine. 😀 I felt good and strong throughout the run, and I did all my run segments.

I’m currently out of new podcasts of The Marathon Show, so I’m playing catch-up with Marathon Talk. In the ep I chose to listen to today, the guys were talking with Midgie Thompson, and she was discussing mental tricks to help you keep going when it’s tough. One was to sing a song in your head…a song that will just sort of keep you going and take your mind off of what you’re doing. Since I love music, I decided to give it a try, and I’ve gotta say, it worked! At one point on The Beast, I was really struggling with it, so I changed songs and (while not the exact song I chose), SNAP! the run’s a game! 😀 Definitely using that one again!! The visualizing a bungie cord tying me to something and pulling me towards it wasn’t working as well…but maybe you can’t do both at once…or I can’t. LOL.

Still, I’m feeling more and more confident. And that rocks!!!


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