Now that’s more like it!

Woo!! Got a great run in this morning.

Yes, already!

Coach Jenny’s plan has me doing three mid-week runs and a long run on the weekend. School has me working 8:10-3 Monday-Friday. Disney has me working (usually) a night or two (or three) a week, and usually a shift on the weekend. Today it’s school, then over to Disney from 5-11. Not really time to get a run in between school and Disney, so…

Up at 4:15 with a goal of being out the door by 4:30. Granted, this means running close to home. So back to the little park close by. Did more of the run on the sidewalk surrounding it, though I did do the “upper loop” per se in the park itself a few times as it’s pretty well lit. I’m within sight of the police precinct, so I’m aware of my surroundings but feel pretty safe.

The result? An average pace overall (including warm-up and cool-down) of 12:34. An average pace of the 40 minutes of 3/2 reps of 12:07! I felt great and pushed it…best average pace on a midweek run in a while with a best pace of 9.34…best average for a run segment – 10:09; slowest average for a run segment – 11:17.

I’ll take it!! Definitely made the right decision in switching back to Coach Jenny! 😀


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