Some of us are just meant to be penguins.

Did my LSR after working at the Disney Store last night. It’s close to Central Park, there are lockers…it’s perfect. And from what Star Command and the elevator guy said, I’m not the only one who does it. So woo!

It’s kind of funny to call 4 miles “long” but it’s what was on the training schedule, so.

I kept it at 3/2, and I felt good and strong the whole time. And you know what? My average pace was a bit faster than my 2/1 LSRs. Granted, I wasn’t looking at the pace while I was running…I was running by feel, and I think I need to do more of that, especially on the LSRs. I ran all of the intervals on Cat Hill as well as the rollers on the other side. THAT is something I haven’t done in…honestly I can’t really say I’ve EVER done all my intervals on those. So bonus!! (And more proof to me that Coach Jenny’s plans are the right ones for me.)

A friend pointed out on DailyMile that of course I felt better because it was slower and the body hates to go fast. But I am going to respectfully disagree. I have gone fast when in mid-week training runs. This was a LSR, not a speed trial. Also? Not all of us are obsessed with getting faster.

I’m not into running to see how fast I can go. I’m into running for how it makes me feel, for the joy and freedom of moving my body forward under my own power. Just like a true penguin.



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