Changing it up…

…or returning to my roots.

So after pondering things for a while, weighing the pros and cons of the Galloway plan I used for the Disneyland Half – where I had my worst time in a half yet – and Coach Jenny Hadfield’s plan which I used for the WDW Half and the NYC Half (took 7 minutes off my first half time with the second) as well as my personal interaction with the authors of both plans, I’m going back to Jenny’s plan in Marathoning for Mortals. Well, ok, not going back to it so much as moving to the run/walk a marathon plan she has in Marathoning for Mortals.

I know Galloway has his peeps who adore him. Frankly, I’ve just found him rather condescending – from the /run at the end of run/walk which makes me feel like he thinks we’re idiots who wouldn’t know to start running again to his response of “Run slower at the beginning” when I asked him for advice on how to run a negative split. It’s just off-putting to me. If you love him and his methods, that’s great! More power to you!

I’m just more drawn to Coach Jenny’s personality and how she expresses things. Remember the yellow/orange/red (or maybe green/yellow/red…but either image works) tips for negative splitting? So much easier for me to visualize and do! Were it not for cramping and side stitches, I feel sure I could have gotten a negative split following that image.

But it’s more than just that. I feel like I can be much more consistent with the longer run segments. If I’m honest, I really felt like I was doing SOOOOO much stopping and starting with the 2:1 I was doing with Galloway’s plan. (And honestly at my pace he would recommend I have an even smaller ratio. No thank you!) With MFM, I’ll be working up to possibly a 5:1 for the marathon. We’ll see how I do in training and how I’m feeling the day of the race, and I may cut it back to 4:1 or even 3.5:1.5.

Training is really all about finding what works for you and what doesn’t. For me, I’ve learned that Coach Jenny’s plans work for me. I feel confident and prepared with them. I should never have left her plans…and I’m definitely going back now.


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