A week and a day!!

That’s all that’s left until the Disneyland Half Marathon ~ and my Coast to Coast medal!!! Whee!!!!

I’m in the process of working on a post with something very special I got to experience when I was at the beach the 13th-20th (so glad it wasn’t this week!!!!), and being stuck inside all weekend I might actually get it written. Fingers crossed.

But in the meantime…

Got my last long run in yesterday. 10.87 miles. Around a 13.5mm pace, which is fine for a LSR. I did a few intervals at or above tempo, and did them midway through, so that’s a plus. I opted to do it yesterday since we’re awaiting whatever’s coming, and for all intents and purposes after noon today we’ll be stuck wherever we are. Yay? Anyway, through The Marathon Show, I learned about its British “sibling” Marathon Talk, which is great! I listened to their latest one for a good portion of my run – they were talking with Bart Yasso, and that was a great interview to listen to on a last long run before a big race. My goal now is to try my darndest to do a negative split at Disneyland. I came pretty close to even splits in NYC, so I’m hoping I can really focus and do the negative split thing at DL! And then at Wine and Dine. And then it would be AWESOME to run my first full as a negative split. Fingers crossed!!

The good thing with this training plan I’ve been on (Jeff Galloway’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon plan for Time Improvement) is that it’s taken me to and beyond 10 several times. And 10 is now feeling, well, not easy-peasy, but definitely easier than I’ve done 10 before. I’ve been playing with my intervals and am trying to decide if I want to go with 2:30/1 or 2/1. I may end up just seeing how I feel the day of and making that determination. I’ll then go into the part of this plan following the Wine and Dine Half to train for the WDW Full Marathon in January. With some adaptations on the shorter mileage weeks…depending on how my legs feel I may go further than the prescribed low mileage. Now, I don’t do the “magic mile” things…and I don’t do the x200 or x800 or whatever. I don’t go to a track, and my method has just been working for me so. There we are.

I have discovered in this week just how much I slacked off in my XT. A workout DVD that used to be cake was more difficult this week. And Yoga Meltdown Level 1, which while never cake had definitely been easier, was sheer torture on Wednesday. It was slightly better on Thursday than Wednesday, but not by much. I’ll probably do it later this afternoon to stretch out and get moving. I’m usually ok with some down time, but tell me I’ll be pinned in my apartment for a while and my muscles want to move!

So… Thursday I leave for California!! I’m so excited!!! And yesterday I found out that I am going to get to be part of a special thing with runDisney: “to enjoy a special opportunity to preview and prepare for the Disneyland Half Marathon next Friday (Sept. 2) at 10:30 a.m. (PT).
This unique event is to include a meet up and Q&A with runDisney’s official training consultant, Jeff Galloway, where he’ll offer tips and suggestions to benefit all levels of runners. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to gain one-on-one training advice from Galloway, along with a photo opportunity with Galloway and a Disney character (make sure and bring your camera!), and a chance to preview the runDisney portion of Expo prior to general admission.” So friggin excited about that!!!! The rest of the time will be doing the parks, chilling, and of course on Sunday, running the Half Marathon!



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