Training, training, training!

It’s going well!

Sunday was my longest run to date. 13.58 miles!! (I got a part time job, and I had training on Saturday, so I had to drop the Queens Half just because of timing.)

Ok, so it was the longest by .48. It was still my longest yet!!

Of course it wasn’t without issues. I’ve been alternating my Brooks Adrenalines and my Brooks Ravennas, but for my most recent long slow runs (9+ miles and 11+ miles) I’d been in my Ravennas. I did Sunday’s in my Adrenalines. And my knees definitely let me know that the guy at Urban Athletics was right. I don’t really need all the stability that the Adrenalines provide. So for now I’m exclusively in my Ravennas. The plan right now is to stick with them through the Wine and Dine, then go back to UA and see if maybe I should drop the stabilizing thing even more to maybe even a neutral shoe.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Jack Rabbit. But knowing that our gaits change when we’re on a treadmill as opposed to the ground (in whatever form…dirt, asphalt, etc.), I have to wonder if the treadmill analysis is perhaps putting more of us in shoes that aren’t really the right ones for us. Random thought.

Anyway…I’d strapped my left knee just above it, so it was ok on the long run on Sunday. This time it was my right knee/ITB that was giving me fits. And really the only difference (besides .48 of a mile and really I don’t think that’s it because it was being twingy ON the run earlier than the 13.1 mile mark) between Sunday’s run and my other recent long runs was that I was in the Adrenalines. So yep. Ravennas from here on until I check about maybe a neutral shoe – just don’t want to do that so close to a couple of races.

Wore the Ravennas on my run today (everything was feeling fine, so I decided to give it a go) and strapped the right knee just in case (on my shopping list, another strap so I can strap both knees…hopefully can get that before the next long run either Saturday or Sunday). Everything felt fine and I was even able to push my speed in several of my run intervals! So yay!!!

I haven’t forgotten my promised fuel post. And I’m probably going to have one about published race paces and how if the information is out there you need to know it’s there for a reason. But we’ll see. One of those I’m going to do a draft or two of first so I don’t come off as a bitch. (I’m definitely not the fastest one out there, but I know how to read pacing requirements and make my decisions based on that. If I don’t think I can meet a given pace even with training, I won’t register for the race. But I’m getting into it now. Later!)


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