Another week down!

Overall I felt like I was getting back to “normal” with my running this week. The pace on my shorter runs was up closer to what I’m used to, and I felt good all the way through my long run today though it was up to 11.56 miles.

Lesson learned… Blood and platelet donation, while something that I firmly believe all who can do should do, does take it out of you. I definitely attribute some of my sluggishness over the past couple of weeks to those. So no more donations until one whole blood donation in the week after the Wine and Dine, then not again until after the Disney Full.

A second lesson learned… Moe’s at 8pm the night before a run is NOT good pre-run fueling for me. I’ll discuss fueling in another post this week. 😀

A third lesson learned… Audiobooks are AMAZING for long runs!! I still definitely love me some The Marathon Show, and it’s totally what I listen to on my midweek runs. BUT I don’t like to have to be fussing with my iPod while I’m on a run, and on my runs longer than an hour, I’d have to do that with TMS. Enter! I got a great deal on three months, and with each month you get 1 credit. Most of the books are 1 credit, so essentially you get a book a month! And I’m not even halfway through my first book (Jodi Picoult’s Sing You Home which is incredible) yet!

So overall a great week of training.

I just have to make myself be more disciplined about doing my XT and not resting on those days!! Goal for next week!


One thought on “Another week down!

  1. I was just talking to someone about listening to audio books on long runs. I tend to stick to podcasts, but I also haven’t run for more than 8 miles yet, and may find I need something more substantial, or different.

    Glad the running’s going well – I’m training for the Wine & Dine Half! 🙂

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