Running free!!

It’s been a good week in training overall. My midweek runs have still been slower, but I’m going to try next week not counting the warm-up and cool-down in them and see what that does. Because they’ve felt like I’ve gone faster than the times would have indicated.

Today’s run was really good! I mean really good. I felt strong throughout the whole thing, not just physically, but mentally as well! And that honestly surprised me!!

See, last night, Hannah and Olivia from The Biggest Loser Season 11 put up a challenge on their blog. It’s one that their spinning instructor actually put forward. July 29, we’re all challenged to work out in our sports bras, leaving the baggy, covering top off. Well, since it was supposed to be humid (honestly it didn’t feel that humid!) this morning when I went for the run, I decided to brave it and wear just my sports bra and running skirt for my run today.

EEK! Right?

Actually, I was pretty self-conscious on the subway. But once I got on the road in Prospect Park…well, once I’d passed and been passed by some runners or walkers and some bikers (turns out there was a bike race going on!!), none of whom made any comments or looks, and none of whom veered off the road and crashed, I kind of forgot about it and just ran. The only interactions were the standard nods/waves/hellos! In short, no one cared what I had on!! And I felt great about myself – self-confident and everything!!! (Yes, I was a little self-conscious again during the ridiculously long wait for the G-train. But other than that…)

And before someone says “Pics or it didn’t happen…”

And FYI, yes, I’m seriously thinking I’ll do this for the Queens Half on July 30.

Also? GU Roctane Chocolate Raspberry ROCKS!!!!


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