Catching up

Yes, yes. Don’t shoot me. I shall for sure be better!! For now, here’s a catch up on the last week-ish.

6/25 – FRNY Gay and Lesbian Pride Run 5-miler
The day was charged with lots of excitement since less than 12 hours before the state senate had passed and Governor Cuomo had signed the Marriage Equality bill (now law)! So everyone was extra happy – some were hungover or still riding the buzz from the night before, but that’s beside the point. (And no, I was not one of them…I’d been at a film screening the night before and my only “vice” was simply having about 2 hours of sleep.) It was hot – in the 70s at least and 93% humidity (NYRR has removed the weather info from their site). And we had a different course that included Harlem Hills in the most evil direction. I was trying my best with a 2:30/1 ratio, but I ended up doing a lot more walking, especially on the hills. One of my running club teammates and I played leapfrog for most of the race – I’d pass her on a run interval and she’d pass me on a walk. But it kept me going. There had been mention of “misting stations” during the pre-race talk, but no one I know of ever encountered them (hint to NYRR…don’t say there are going to be things unless you know for 100% sure there are going to be things…misting stations aren’t like t-shirts where “oops, we ran out” after all; they’re either set up and ready to go or they’re not). I was again glad for my handheld as I could use the water from the fluid stations to pour over my arms and try to cool me off a little. Somewhere in the last mile, the aforementioned teammate said “Come on, let’s run this in together.” I knew it was going to be further than I usually run on my own, but we were keeping the pace slow, so I decided to go for it. All was ok until I started feeling goosebumps. When you’re hot and sweating, goosebumps are NOT a good thing. So I told her to go on ahead and I’d get there. Somehow I was not directed immediately to Medical but instead was sent to Popsicle (We give out popsicles at the end of this race. Rainbow ones of course!), and that helped. Later in the day and into the next, it became obvious that I probably should have gone to medical, but lesson learned. I finished with a time of 1:02:53 – so like 6 minutes slower than my baseline PR (which was set on a nice cool Thanksgiving morning on a course that did NOT include the evilness that is Harlem Hills), but definitely better than I’d anticipated it being.

The week in training:
Tuesday I was still feeling the effects of the heat from Saturday’s race. As evidenced by my over 13mm average pace. Ouch! Still, I was getting out there and getting foot time in.

Thursday was a little better. Still 13mm-ish average pace, but better than Tuesday.

Yes…I need to definitely get back on my XT as I’ve slacked off tremendously on that, and I’m sure that’s part of the issue.

Saturday was my long, slow run. Thanks to the subway issues, I decided the easiest thing was to start in Battery Park and head up the Hudson. 9 miles was on the schedule. I managed to keep the pace slowish and overall felt good. Well, until the last couple of miles when my old friend my ITB decided to flare up. So in spite of needing to get back on the XT wagon, I’m not ure it’ll happen today – unless I just do the abs workout on Bob Harper’s Yoga dvd before or after doing my stretches for all my leg muscles, but especially my ITB stretches.

My overall distance was 9.88 miles. Thank goodness for my trusty Garmin footpod because I had a massive runkeeper fail…

Oh yes RunKeeper, you are special. Wrong, but special.

So things overall are going well. I don’t want this entry to get overwhelming, so I’ll look back over the things I need to discuss and work on getting that done this week! Along with training! (And finding a summer job as fundage is sooooooo needed right now.)


One thought on “Catching up

  1. Thanks for the body glide info, now to ask about running skirts.

    Which is your favorite, and what would you recommend to a friend?

    BTW, I’m really jealous on your Disneyland 1/2, I really wanted to do it, but I guess it will have to be next yr, it isn’t in the budget this yr.

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