11 Weeks to Disneyland!!!

So we’re at the 11-week mark!! I’m getting psyched!!!!

The week has gone well. I’ve done Prospect Park in reverse a couple of times. That makes for a longer uphill part AND it’s more at the end of my run, so I’m practicing running hills on tired legs. It’s baby steps of progress, but progress is progress!!

Yesterday I did a long, slow run along the Hudson. Per Galloway’s plan for the Wine and Dine (what I’m following for time and mileage since it includes Disneyland), I was to do 7.5 miles. Per my garmin I did 8.63. So a bit over, but I’d rather go a bit over as I’m not sure how well my footpod is calibrated. And NOTHING GPS seems to work on my phone. I’ve got a droid, and RunKeeper almost never worked – and when it did it gave me some funky readings…and now I can’t even find it in the droid market. I tried MapMyRun, and it has yet to work, even when the GPS is green. So… I’d rather err on the side of going so that the footpod says it’s further than it is. Maybe one of these Thursdays I will make it to track workout and I can calibrate it then so I’m more confident in it.

At any rate, based on the 8.63 mileage, my average pace was 13:19. So that’s a step in the right direction for a long, slow run. I could stand to make it a little slower probably as that’s only one minute per mile slower than my Half Mary pace. But I felt good that for the most part I was able to hold the run segments (I did 2:30/1 this time) to around 12:25ish. There were times I found myself getting up to 11:45 or faster, and I was able to slow it down, so that’s good as well!

I’m definitely in the “let’s play and see what works” part of my training as well in terms of fueling and stuff. I definitely know I need to also wear my fuel belt on my LSRs now – I had to refill the handheld partway through the run. Having that extra water around will be good. It’ll also enable me to have water with nuun tablets dissolved in it in either the handheld or the fuel belt bottles so I can alternate plain water (and use that with my GU or chomps) and sports drink. I’m trying different GU flavors (and the Roctane as well) and different chomp flavors. Also trying nuun for the first time. So far so good.

The other thing I’m trying to figure out is SUNSCREEN. I’ve got some Mission SkinCare SPF 50 right now and used that yesterday…but it’s spray (necessary when you live alone…there are places on the back that hands just won’t reach), and I don’t know if I got a bum bottle or what, but it’s HARD to spray. I ended up spraying it into my hands and smoothing it over my skin anyway. I’ve got lotion for my face. But I’ve got to figure out what to do about mid-run reapplication for these run as they get longer because even yesterday I could tell I got sun in spite of the sunscreen. I’ve just learned about Neutrogena’s Wet Skin sunscreen spray, so I plan to get some of that before my next long run (or Sunday’s Pride March more likely) and give it a shot. Supposedly you can apply it to skin that’s wet from water, humidity or sweat. We’ll see.

I have ordered a HeadSweats visor from RunningWarehouse.com, so that should help keep sun off my face – and not let my head overheat. (I also ordered a new running skirt…but that’s beside the point! Hey, I have to look adorable for the Pride Run!!) Then today I got some Oakley Commit sunglasses to protect my eyes. It’s a necessary expense – and they looked and felt the best on me, so that’s what I went with.

I just need to get a couple more running tank tops (singlets) and I’ll be set for summer! 😀

Coming up later this week? Beth’s Ice Bath Tips (and What Do You Do When You Don’t Have A Tub) specially for my friend Rick! Hee!!

Thanks for reading!! Happy running/waddling!


2 thoughts on “11 Weeks to Disneyland!!!

  1. I like the idea of training on hills at the end of a long run. That would be the best way to train your body to be able to handle that scenario. I use MapMyRun on the iPhone and it works pretty well GPS-wise (not good for calorie cals). Mostly, I take my stats from my watch and just use MapMyRun for the route information and for web publishing.

    Thanks in advance for your future posts regarding ice baths and breakfast fueling. I also am curious about nuun and GU — neither of which I have used but will definitely need form the Dsney Half in January.

    • Hint. The main hill you will encounter at Disney is at MILE 11!!!! You will doubt any runner had anything to do with the course at that point…however you would be wrong as Jeff Galloway helped them plot it out. At least this past year, they had the Green Army Men Sergeant about halfway up it exhorting us to “Take that hill soldiers!” I wanted to give him a VERY un-Disney-like gesture at that point. LOL.

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