Week 2 is Done!

As the title says, week 2 of my training for the Walt Disney World Wine and Dine Half Marathon is in the barn! It went well!

Monday I did Jillian Michaels’ Banish Fat Boost Metabolism dvd. I do like it, and I burn a lot of calories doing it, but my calves killed me for about three days afterwards. Not a good thing. So I’ll look into other options for XT days for sure!

Tuesday I had a meeting at 6, so I went in and ran along the Hudson in Hudson River Park. It was good, but it was also hot and humid. I managed 4.4 miles at a 2/1 ratio. Average pace = 12:30. Not too bad all things considered.

I also learned (along with everyone else) that they’re having a new medal at Disneyland for the Half! It’s SOOOOO pretty!!!!

See??? Excited!!!!!

Wednesday I was supposed to go to Pilates, but my calves were still not happy with me, and I felt like it would be risking too much to go and do all the leg work there, so I just took a rest day. It’s all about listening to your body after all. 😀

Thursday I headed over to Prospect Park. The weather was much better – a lot less humid! I did 4.48 miles at a 2/1 ratio. Pace = 12:17.

Friday is my wild card day. I can do XT of some kind or I can run, depending on what I’m feeling. I felt like running, so I went back to Prospect Park for an intended “easy” run. Did 3.25 miles at 2/1 ratio. Pace – 12:18. So maybe it wasn’t so easy after all. LOL.

Saturday I headed down to Coney Island to run on the boardwalk for my LSR (long, slow run). It was supposed to be 4.5 miles, but I know I haven’t gone time-wise long enough for the 10K prep, and I don’t want to irritate the ITB if I can at all help it. So I planned to go out for almost 1.5 hours (1 hour, 27 minutes), take it slow, and whatever the mileage was, the mileage was. Ratio was 2:30/1. Total distance = 6.57 miles. Pace = 13:13. So I did better at going slow than last week. But I could probably stand to go slower on the LSRs.

Today was a rest day. Love the rest days! That said, I did do Bob Harper’s Yoga Abs. I’m going to *try* to do those 15 minutes every day. We’ll see what the abs think about that. LOL.

Total mileage for the week: 18.7
YTD Miles: 282.81

Minutes of outdoor fun this week for the 100 Day Challenge: 327 (we had field day, and though it was work, it was play!) Well over the 100 minute minimum!

Weight this week’s weigh in: 168.6

And I’ll try to blog each night next week. Promise!


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