Going slow is HARD!

Long runs are supposed to be done slow. As in “Go slow. No, slower. No, slower still.” In his instructions for the Disney half and full training plans, Jeff Galloway says that the long run can’t be done too slowly.

Maybe it’s because 3 miles isn’t really a “long run” for me anymore (I decided to stick with roughly that distance and treat it as a cutback week), but it was so hard to go slow! Even cutting my run to 2 minutes and keeping the walk at 1 minute, my average pace over 3.87 miles (I did a loop of Prospect Park, and it’s 3.35 miles, so add in the cool down and that explains the distance) was at a 12:39 pace. Yes, slower than my best pace NYRR has by over a minute, but I strongly suspect not slow enough.

I started off and knew I was going too fast. And a look at the Garmin data confirms it. An average pace of 9:46 for the first run segment. I got it up to as slow as 11:45, but that wasn’t until I was on The Beast. The rest of them were in the 10-11:15 minute range.

I clearly need to learn how to slow down on my long runs. Anyone have any tips? Besides “Go slow. No slower. No, even slower.” which is clearly not working for me. I feel like if I slow down any more on the runs I’ll be walking them too, and doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Aargh!!!

I did listen to the podcast of The Marathon Show‘s podcast from the Disneyland Half last year for insipration! 😀

Yesterday was Yoga for the Warrior. I love that dvd!!!! I suspect it will be a frequent visitor to my XT lists.

Mileage for the week: 12.97

Tomorrow begins the 100 Days Challenge!! Sign up!! You know you want to!!


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