Trying a new ratio…

Today I decided to try 2:30/1 to see what that felt like. It felt ok.


3:30/1 distance ~ 4.46
3:30/1 pace ~ 12:19

2:30/1 distance ~ 4.64
2:30/1 pace ~ 11:57

Of course it’s hard to truly compare them because I was on the treadmill today. It was looking potentially thunderstormy when I headed out, so I went to the gym. Still, I held the running pace at 5.3-5.5 mph and never had to drop it.

I also tried thinking about it like Jeff Galloway talked about when he was on The Marathon Show – don’t look at it as a huge distance or time, just look at it as “I’ve just got to run this 2.5 minutes” or whatever amount you’re running. And it seemed to work for the most part.

Hopefully Tuesday I can take it outside and see how this ratio does out there. Since Saturday’s the long run and is supposed to be slower.

Got my flight all set for the Wine and Dine! On Southwest, which isn’t my favorite, but it was free, so BONUS!


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