Let the Frankenplan begin!

Today officially marks the start of my Gallo-Jenn Frankenplan to train for the Disneyland Half Marathon and the Wine and Dine Half Marathon!!

Running will be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I will be doing cross-training (XT) of some type on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Sunday will be a scheduled rest day (SRD).

Went to another Pilates class tonight. Wore the HRM and found out how few calories it actually burns. At least the mat class as we did it tonight. I’ll be interested to see on Wednesday how many calories the Barres and Belles class burns.

This one was good – it was actually very relaxing overall. We did a lot of work on the hammies, so I’m sure I’ll feel those tomorrow. Funnily enough, some of them were some of the moves I was to do in PT. And then there was the balance ball.

We did push-ups off the ball and rested in between the sets/types by laying over the ball with our forearms on one side and feet on the other. Leave it to me to manage from that position with all the support in the world to roll off the ball. LOL. I didn’t get hurt, and I scrambled back up before anyone really saw me. But still. LOL. It was kinda funny.

Tomorrow? Running!! Yay!!

Oh yes… John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield have put together a 100 Days challenge for the summer!! Go here for more info and to sign up! This is really one of those everyone wins kind of things! Tons of fun! Come out and play!!


2 thoughts on “Let the Frankenplan begin!

    • Yeah…I’m not sure I’ll do more after I finish this class card. I like Yoga better.

      No problem! It does look like fun – even if most of mine will be running. LOL.

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