A breakthrough and a discovery…

After a workshop this morning, I ate my lunch, took a short catnap, and headed up to Central Park for a run. Normally I would go to Prospect Park unless I’m going to a Front Runners fun run (or the majority of the NYRR races, duh), but the F and G trains aren’t running that far this weekend, and it’s a pain in the butt to take the shuttle buses they have running. So Central Park it was.

Now, if you’re at all familiar with Central Park, you’ve got a few options. The lower loop is the shortest option ~ 1.72 miles if you start at the 72nd Street transverse and stop at the same point. The middle loop is about 4.05 miles ~ again, beginning and ending at the 72nd Street transverse. The upper loop ~ if you take the 102nd Street transverse and want to do that upper part only ~ is about 1.42 miles. If you do the whole outer loop ~ skipping the transverses ~ it’s about 6.03 miles. So you have options for mileage. And elevation.

I’m feeling pretty good about Cat Hill. It’s in the middle loop, and I’ve now conquered it twice in runs ~ one a race. So I don’t focus on it as much anymore because mentally I know I can do it. I don’t avoid it, but it’s not like I go into a run there saying “I’m going to conquer Cat Hill today!” either.

But then there is Harlem Hill ~ it may be Harlem Hills…I’m not really sure because you do go up on both ends of it with a loss of elevation in between the two. It’s on the upper loop and is NOT fun. However, if you’re doing a 10K in Central Park, you’re going to be running Harlem Hill(s). Cat Hill is one hill for sure, so you either go up or down it. But Harlem? Oh you get the joy of up and down whichever way you’re running the park.

I know it’s part of the Mini 10K course, so I need to make myself run it a few times between now and June 11 so I’ve got confidence going into it, so I decided to go to the left as I entered the park from Central Park West and hit it the direction we’ll be taking it during that race. I did shorten my run segments to 3:30 ~ sort of averaging the run/walk ratio Coach Jenny uses in the run/walk a half marathon plan with the run/walk ratio Jeff Galloway would say I should be at with my pace, but also because it’s getting warm and humid and I’m getting myself acclimated to it…and I knew I was going to be tackling Harlem Hill(s).

Well, I’m happy to report that I DID IT! I did all of my run segments on those devil inclines!!!

Now, I did have to walk a bit during my last few run segments, which were not on Harlem Hills…probably because I burned whatever I had on them. Which is even more reason to make the trek into CP and run those bad boys as much as I can during runs between now and the Mini.

But I feel pretty damn proud of myself for doing it!!

Once I was finished, I stretched a little bit (did a lot more when I got home) and hit the ATM for money for tomorrow. I had drained all of the water in my Nathan handheld during the run, and I was thirsty, so I ducked into a little magazine “store” that also has a couple of coolers of beverages on my way to the subway. I was about to grab a Vitamin Water Zero when I spotted my favorite discovery of recent times…

Zico Coconut Water with Chocolate!!!!

Yep! Chocolate coconut water!!!!

I’m totally in love with this!!!! Whoever thought of that at Zico, THANK YOU!!!! YOU ROCK!!!

And now another question!!! I’m so happy to know I’ve got readers! I feel kind of like Julie in Julie & Julia when she learned that people besides her mother were reading her blog! (Actually I’m not even sure my mom knows about this blog. LOL.) Thanks!! 😀

Anyway, Denise asked me about Body Glide.

If you suffer from chub rub ~ which I do ~ Body Glide can be your best friend! I say can because I have chatted with people who it doesn’t work for, but it seems to be a wonderful thing for most people. It’s a balm you put on problem areas that can chafe, rub or blister – it comes in a stick like deodorant and you smooth it on. The website is here.

For me, I use it on my inner thighs when I’m wearing one of my running skirts. The shorts under them (compression or semi-compression depending on the brand…I don’t do the ones with just the briefs under them) come anywhere from around my upper thigh to about mid-thigh, but I pretty much cover all of my inner thighs. I don’t personally use it around my sports bra band or straps, but I know people who do. Some also use it if a singlet chafes their inner arms where they rub the arm holes. I’ve heard of men using it on their nipples. Another great place is on the feet if you’re having blister issues ~ even with proper running socks and well-fitting shoes. Blisters sometimes happen regardless. I put some on my feet the other night before the Wall Street Run ~ I don’t normally put it on my feet because unless I’m in heels or new flats I don’t tend to blister easily, but they were calling for rain of the torrential variety and I didn’t want to chance my feet slipping around more than usual.

It’s a great product! And unlike vaseline or something like that, Body Glide won’t stain your clothes! Hooray!

So yep… Two things I recommend putting on your “running things” list: Body Glide and Zico Coconut Water with Chocolate!!

Happy running!


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