Pilates, Running, and Answering a Question

Last night was my second ever Pilates class. This one was called Barres and Belles and used both the ballet barre and a kettlebell. Not together. Actually the barre was used for one stretching of the legs and then we had a strap over it to hold while we did ab work. Even at the worst of the ab workout on Bob’s Yoga for the Warrior dvd or Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones I’ve never felt like I was going to puke doing them. I did last night. LOL. Still, I did enjoy the class. I’m kind of sad that I only signed up for one more of them. But I’m afraid that if I did cancel some of the mat plus classes, all the Barres and Belles classes between now and when my groupon expires. So I’ll take 2 more mat plus classes and 1 more Barres and Belles. Yay!

Today was a run day. Because it was raining a bit, and because I’ve heard there are some wicked puddles at Prospect Park, I went to the gym. I was kind of surprised to see that my pace was all the way down to 13 minute miles. I guess I was going more the treadmill speed. And I was taking “easy run” pretty literally – kept it at 4.8mph for all but the last run interval. That one I pushed to 5mph. The good news is I didn’t think about dropping the pace at all during any of the run intervals, so that was good. And I did what a lot of coaches (well, most all I’ve read anyway) say: stop the workout feeling like you could have gone one more interval. So that’s a good thing I suppose. I’ve got a longer run tomorrow – I think I’ll try to go up to Central Park and run. First, that will let me do some work on Harlem Hill – meaning I’ll make myself run it. Or run/walk it. Second, it’ll get me outside and will actually be easier to get to because the wonderful MTA had the G and the F shut down all weekend, and shuttle buses are horrendous.

I don’t know if I’ve put my racing schedule up lately. So here it is…

6/11 ~ NYRR Modern Mini 10K
6/25 ~ FRNY Lesbian and Gay Pride Run 5-miler
7/30 ~ NYRR Half Marathon Series Queens Half Marathon*
9/4 ~ Disneyland Half Marathon
10/1 ~ Walt Disney World Wine and Dine Half Marathon
1/8 ~ Walt Disney World Marathon

*I was looking at my training frankenplan, and it calls for a 13 mile run on July 30. I saw that the Queens Half is that day, and after talking over facebook with a friend, decided that I should do it and just not go balls to the wall. It’ll be like a supported training run. 🙂

And now to the question! Andy, someone who reads my little blog, asked me about something I mentioned in my last post – how I signal that I’m going to drop to a walk when I’m racing. I actually do it when I’m running in a park as well if I know there are others running too.

I use my Garmin set at intervals to beep at me and tell me when I’m supposed to drop to a walk. It gives me a 6 second warning, so on the change I’ve drifted mentally while I’m running, I can start the process then. Ideally when I’m racing (or later in the training sessions when I’ve been at the same interval for a while) I will have a feel for when it’s about to beep so I can start the process a little sooner if it’s a crowded race or section of path. I also do this if I need to drop to a walk sooner. It basically just (should) helps to a) keep you and those around you safe from collision and b) is just common courtesy. Like using your turn signal when changing lanes when you’re driving.

Ok. So my Garmin starts beeping or I’m feeling like it’s time to drop to a walk. I take a look around – over both shoulders – to see where other runners are in relation to me and make my way over to the (usually) right hand side. (I say usually because while I try to stick with the “slower traffic stay right” thing, there have been times I’ve ended up on the far left.) Basically you want to get over to the side so you’re not going to be in the middle of the path where people might come up behind you a lot faster and create a not so good situation. If there’s someone beside you to the point where I can’t go directly over, I very gradually adjust my pace so that person can get past me and then move over. As I’m doing this and when I’m over on the side, I’ll raise my arm which basically just serves to hopefully get the attention of anyone coming up behind me so that they can be aware that I’m doing something. I also look around when the Garmin starts beeping at the end of the walk interval so that I’m more aware of what’s going on around me so I don’t just bolt out in front of someone.

Does that make sense? Hopefully so! 😀 Not only does it keep you safe, but it hopefully will build up some good karma with other runners and help the ones who have “walker issues” (I’ll be nice) to not get so irate at us. (Though really, in a race situation, anyone who has an anti-walker (or run/walker) bias should be far enough away from you that shouldn’t enter into the equation. Hee!)

Thanks for the question Andy! 😀 Happy running and good luck with your upcoming 10K!!

Oh, and in gear notes, I got my new running skirt today and wore it for my run. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for making a great product SkirtSports!! I’ll definitely be a repeat customer! And the new shoes felt great!!


2 thoughts on “Pilates, Running, and Answering a Question

  1. Thank you for explaining about how to notify when you are switching to walking. I had the same question as Andy when I read your blog entry but forgot to submit the comment. 🙂

    Wish me luck on Sunday! The forecast says thunderstorms. Yikes! I hope the rain holds off until after the race. I am very excited! I will make you proud!

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