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A post two days in a row? Who am I?? LOL. Seriously, I’m going to try and be better about it.

* Have I mentioned I love running skirts now? Well, I do. We were discussing them in the Runner’s World Online forums, and a friend from there and facebook, A, messaged me and said she had a couple that were too big for her, and they might be too big for me, but she was willing to send them to me to try out before I spent money on some in case I didn’t like them. Well, she sent them and they’re awesome! One’s a Nike skirt and it’s so floaty! I actually love the style of the Champion one, but it doesn’t have a tie, so I have to rig it up with a safety pin to make sure it doesn’t fall down. I ran the Scotland Run 10K in the Nike one and it was great! I managed a PR! Next up was the Revlon Run/Walk (we won’t go into that hot mess of a disaster again) and I wore the new Brooks one my dad got me when we went on a field trip to the running store in Nashville since it’s got pink trim and is a breast cancer benefit skirt. The course was short, but dude…I managed an average pace of 11:02 over 2.55 miles! THAT is most definitely a personal best, even if there was no official chip time to validate. Then in the Japan Day Run for Hope I wore…I think the Brooks one again. And scored a 2:25 PR!! Clearly it’s the skirts. I mean, training has NOTHING to to with it, right? Ok, I kid. But seriously…I feel cute in them. And Koach Kelsey always has “look cute” as his number one rule when he gives a pre-marathon pep talk! So clearly looking cute affects performance, right? Hm…ok, maybe not. But at any rate, I’m sold on the skirt! When I got a schwaggle offer for Skirt Sports Kick Start skirt – which I’ve been drooling over for a while – I couldn’t resist! It shipped today so I should have it soon!! I need to save up so I can get this one from because THAT will go with my Front Runners shirts so I don’t have to clash (I HATE black and dark blue together…I feel like a bruise) or feel bad about being incognito – because our colors are navy, orange and white. (The most ironic thing? You hardly ever catch me dead when I’m NOT running. How funny is that? When I’m doing probably the least girly thing I do, I’m looking the most girly.)

* Running skirts have led me to learn of the glories of Body Glide!! LOVE the stuff!!!!

* Can we talk hair a minute? Mine is, to quote my sister, “Hella long”. It’s been a while since it was cut. I’ve been getting it cut for free in Bumble and Bumble’s Model Project, and I’ve been going to their razor bob classes. But I’ve never been really thrilled with the results. I get very little say as they’re all learning the same style, and somehow it always comes out different than the consultation would have led me to believe. So I figured this time I’d go for a change. I was going to go with their “short layers” cut and got approved for that AND then a color class. Made my appointments, all was good. Then I get a call saying that you can’t do both – the short layers would be too short for the color. So I opted to just cancel them both. Slight issue here…I live in New York City. Haircuts are pretty damn expensive. But I need to do something. I’ve got enough hair that I can actually feel my ponytail moving my head when I’m running, especially when it’s windy. Braids work…but that means I’m up even earlier to wet my hair down so I CAN braid it. And of course when it’s sunny, I’ve got to remember to sunscreen the crap out of my part. Enter another friend – and running club teammate – A who recommends the Aveda Institute. Similar to B&B but you do pay a bit. BUT you do get say in what’s done to your hair. I’ve got an appointment for Sunday. I really like what they did with Olivia’s makeover on The Biggest Loser and am thinking about something like that. I know I’ll still need to pull it back off my face when I run, and I guess I could go with a barrette – or do the cool front section braided down the side like Olivia had it last week. But I’m intrigued by the headbands people wear. Yes, in my user pic I’m in a Bondi Band…but what you don’t see is the zillion bobby pins that are holding it onto my head. You see…apparently there’s a little bump most people have at the base of their skulls. My sister and I don’t have them. Apparently at the Disney Marathon Weekend Expo she (and my MALE running partner) tried on the bands at one of the booths where they swore that the band would stay on your head. It stayed on Seth’s. It flew off Andrea’s. She couldn’t remember which place it was, so I didn’t get to try it, but I’m sure it would have done the same for me. I’ve heard a lot about Sweaty Bands, AND they have one in orange – hello FRNY colors! – but as with the skirts, I’m hesitant to spend the money not knowing if it will actually stay on my head sans bobby pins (the Bondi ones I got as a gift from my RWOL secret santa). Has anyone reading worn Sweaty Bands and doesn’t have that little ledge/bump at the back of your head? Did it stay on ok or did it fly off? Thoughts?? Anyone? At any rate, I’ll let you know what I do with the hella long mess on my head once the deed is done.

* Shoes. No big discussion here. I love my Brooks Adrenaline 11s!! I also love the pair of 10s that are like half a size bigger than I normally wear, but they still fit and were on sale. And my dad got them for me! 😀 He’s adorable! Oh…BTW…if anyone wears Asics GT-2160s in a size 9 and is interested in buying a barely worn (less than 30 miles) pair in the white/electric blue/lightning color, let me know and we’ll talk making a deal. I’d gotten 2 pair based on the 2150s having been great for me only to discover that the 2160s just didn’t. I sold one pair on EBay, and can put these back on there, but if one of you readers (there are people reading this, right?) wears them, I’m perfectly willing to go that route.

Enough gear talk! For now. I still have other gear to discuss – but later. 😀 Gotta have something to write about on “slow” days, right?

* Today’s XT was the cardio segment of Women’s Health Total Body Workout. It’s good…but I’m totally spoiled to the special punishment Bob and Jillian deliver. This one just seems easy. Still, I am still sore from Pilates, so didn’t want to go too intense…and it’s gross outside so I didn’t want to go back out to the gym (can we discuss how horrible wet umbrellas are in a locker? ok…another time). I also am back to doing Coach Jenny’s Killer Caterpillars (look back a couple of months…I know I linked a video somewhere back there) every morning. Planks killed today thanks to the Pilates-baked abs. Oy!

* Rain. It is gross. It is supposed to be heavy tomorrow. I am supposed to have a race tomorrow. Unless it’s lightning and thundering and stuff I WILL have a race tomorrow. This will be a first. Yes, it was rainy at Coogan’s, but it was more of a spit. Tomorrow is supposed to be close to torrential. This should be interesting. I’m thinking I’ll definitely be braiding my hair in the morning because that will be easier in torrential rain I think…closer to my head and less weight to bounce around like a ponytail. NYRR has up on their site that as of now the race is still on – but to stay tuned in case we have severe weather. Oh well…as long as it runs, it’ll be an automatic PR. I don’t have a time for a 3-mile race. Not 5K (3.1 miles). Flat out 3 mile.

Ok…I think I’ve rambled enough for now. Don’t forget to check out The Marathon Show – get the podcasts on iTunes and like them on facebook!!



5 thoughts on “More random things – Gear and Other Stuff

  1. Ohhh, I’ve been meaning to try out a running skirt! I usually prefer running splits when it’s hot because I feel like it’s the coolest option…but running skirts just look so pretttyyy.

    I hear you on the hair issue – I have thick, wavy-to-frizzy hair…and it’s so hard to find a good cut to begin, and the prices in the city are unbelievable. If I leave my hair natural, all the frizzies tend to get in my eyes…so for half marathons or longer I’ve been blow-drying my hair straight just so I can keep it under control. SO annoying.

    • I’m totally in love with the skirts! I wear the kind with compression (or semi-compression) shorts underneath, but there are some with little briefs (like spankie pants or whatever those things under cheerleaders’ skirts are called) under them that I’d imagine if chub rub isn’t an issue would be pretty cool.

      Ah hair drama. If I had the guts to, I’d just go with something super short…but I don’t have the guts to (or the desire to deal with growing it out again from something so short). I may have to resort to *gasp* product. Though I’m not sure how that would mix with sweat. Ha!

  2. Tell me about the body glide? I would love to try a skirt for running, but I’ve got some seriously chubby thigh’s. How far down do your compression shorts go??

    • Hey Denise! I’ve promised pics of the new running skirt to one of my forum groups on RWOL, so I’ll post it/them here too and talk Body Glide then, if that’s ok. Probably Sunday night after a hair cut! 😀

  3. Just ran across your blog! I have the same head-bump issue you do! Or lack thereof 🙂 I am so jealous of girls who can wear those super cute stretchy elastic headbands. I gave in and bought a Sweaty Band, and it is ok…. but not great. It will still go flying off my head. Why oh why can’t there be a headband for us “special” girls?! I hope you’ve found a headband that works for you, I’m still searching.

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