Adventures in XT

and other random things.

* Ok, thanks to Coach Jenny I found this really cool podcast – The Marathon Show. Wow, I’m already hooked!! It’s so much fun – and even though I’ve only done two HALF marathons so far, it gets me totally inspired for my training to start for my first full (yes, that would be Disney)!! Seriously, check out the podcast (free! iTunes store) and like it on facebook!

* I watched and cheered the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K yesterday. Holy fast speeds Batman! Leonard Patrick Komon broke the Central Park course record and ran 10K in 27:35. Friggin flying at the end! I’m happy to say I was there at the finishing chute to witness it. It was fun to cheer everyone else in as well!

* Did I mention that I’m officially registered for the Walt Disney World Wine and Dine Half? Yep, I am!

* I ran on Friday, and felt generally ok. Yesterday I did yoga during the fun run just to not push the hammy/piriformis by running two days in a row. It was a good “class”.

* Went to my first Pilates class yesterday. I’d bought a 5-class pack from Groupon back around Christmas and realized I needed to use it before it expired. This one was Mat Pilates Plus. Oh my do my abs and hips not really like me today. Thursday I’m doing a Barres and Belles class. I’m going to alternate them for the 5. Not sure if I’ll continue and but another pack or not. It’s too soon to tell.

* I’m in process of putting together what I’m calling my “Gallo-Jenn FrankenPlan” for the Disneyland Half and the Wine and Dine Half. Using some aspects of the plan Jeff Galloway put together for RunDisney and other aspects of Coach Jenny’s plan – namely the longer run/walk ratio since I’m afraid that going 2/1 will make me “seasick” so to speak – and things like her strength and stretching moves for sure!! – along with just things I like also. Since Jeff’s the RunDisney consultant, his plan takes the other Disney race possibilities into account, so everything fishtails together nicely. I’ll Gallo-Jenn FrankenPlan it for the full as well – though I’m debating if I want to do the “to finish” plan or the “to improve” plan for the full.

* KT Tape. I know I’ve been very skeptical about it, but on the advice of a friend on FB, I decided to get some and try it for my hammy. Granted, I haven’t done a run with it yet (more on that in a sec), but just walking around as much as I did today (ties in with the not doing a run in it – hang on) with it on, I didn’t feel any protesting from the hammy. Granted, I have yet to figure out how to tape it if it’s my piri acting up…because my achy point isn’t where they estimate it in their demo video, but I think I may be a believer in it. I still don’t get how it works, but it seems to. Tuesday night shall tell I’m sure.

* Tuesday night is the Wall Street Run. Yes, I’ve heard from several people that it’s kind of a clusterfuck and more like the running of the bulls, but I want to experience it for myself. If I hate it, I never have to do it again. It’s also a walk – but from the map, there are at least separate areas for runners and walkers to line up even if there aren’t corrals (I’ve heard there aren’t…or haven’t been in the past). I went to get my bib and stuff (and my friend Steve’s stuff…well, bib because I was stupid and forgot to ask him his shirt size, so I’ll get the t-shirt on Tuesday). Probably the only time in my life I’ll have a bib number for an NYRR race having 4 digits and starting with a 2! (And none of the regular colors, so I’m guessing it is just honor system lining up.) I’d planned to come home and change and go to the gym to run – because it was forecast to be stormy. Well, the MTA was having “issues” to be polite about it, so I ended up doing a lot of extra walking and opted to just not run tonight. Of course, the second I get to Times Square to get on an A or C which I knew was running, the sun starts coming out. So I should have just taken stuff with me and changed at NYRR and run Central Park. Oh well. Another rest day won’t kill me.

Good times, good times. 😀


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