I’m not sure what caused it…whether I was going too fast in sprints – or if it’s the occasional sprint after a student who’s left the room – or what, but my right hamstring (specifically the semitendinosus from what I can gather in pictures) and possibly a bit of my piriformis have decided to be irritated.

Like since Sunday I’m guessing…though it really started only bugging me Sunday night and Monday.

So Monday was an unscheduled rest day. I did some stretching (thanks to Coach Jenny for the advice), but no running and minimal walking. It seemed to feel better.

Or not. Yesterday more stretching – and yoga meltdown. Seemed to feel better.

Or not. So today turned into another URD. đŸ˜¦ More stretching. And I sat on a bean ball most of the day – which actually only seemed to make it more ouchy. But I added in some aleve to try and combat any inflammation.

I’m hoping it’ll be better tomorrow. Perhaps I should take the bus to the subway – or take my more train way. It’ll be less walking.

It’s really hard to rest this little irritated area when I can’t just lay on my back all day and not move it.

AARGH! I don’t need or want this right now!!


2 thoughts on “Owie!!!

  1. Sorry to hear you are ‘on injured reserve’. But I am sure with a few more healing days, you will be back on your feet. Just listen to your body and don’t try to push too fast to get back in the groove. Patience is best. Love ya!

    • I know, I know. It’s so tough when I want to run and I feel fat from lack of exercise. It seems to be feeling better so far today. Then again I’ve only walked to the bathroom and the kitchen, so… But I’m also going to look into KT tape. Give it a shot. Love you too!

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