I’m learning to FLY!!!!

It’s official! I have my first ever floater picture!! It was taken at the Scotland Run on April 6. 😀

I'm flying!!

I’ve been slowly increasing my run time – I think that pic I was doing 5:1.

Well, today was the Japan Day Run for Hope (the last part was added when this became a benefit after the earthquake and tsunami). A 4-miler. That would include Cat Hill…going UP.

I did a practice run yesterday – very easy pace at 5:1 – and did ok.

Today it was showtime! I was feeling good, and decided that I needed some redemption after the dismal 13:41mm pace in the Al Gordon Classic (though we remember my victory was finishing that one, right?). So it was time to say it…


I decided to go with what would have been Saturday’s intervals of 6:1 (I made Friday my rest day and Saturday my Friday for this week). So that pretty much solidified that I was going to be on a run interval for the whole hill.

And you know what?

I DID IT!!!!

I ran the whole interval!! I ran all of the first three intervals solid! I started running the 4th interval and started up the little roller, and the little commander in my brain who tries to tell me I’m all out of energy (yes, I listen to radiolab and the podcasts! what of it?) started in. I listened to her for a minute or so, then started running again. We had that battle a couple of times, but overall I was able to push through.

The result?

A nice, shiny new PR of 45:07!! That would be 2:25 off my former PR set at the Gridiron Classic back in February. And definitely redemption for the Al Gordon Classic! It should lower my bib time for NYRR races to 11:17…don’t know if that will move me up a corral or not, but I feel like I’m flying right now!



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