5 Reasons why Komen Race for the Cure > EIF/Revlon Run/Walk for Women

5. Bag drop! Komen has it. EIF/Revlon doesn’t. Mainly because apparently EIF/Revlon insists on starting in Times Square and finishing in the park – probably so they can do number 3. FAIL EIF/Revlon.

4. While neither is chip-timed and both have solely Walker divisions (really are both Walker extremely heavy), the Komen Race for the Cure has separate corrals for the runners and walkers. Survivors get a 5-10 minute head start, then runners are released and within 5 minutes walkers are released. At the EIF/Revlon Run/Walk for Women, it’s “suggested” runners line up at the front if you ask them, but there’s nothing indicating that runners should be at the front. It’s entirely possible even at the front of the line-up for a runner to be trapped behind snails through no fault of the runner. FAIL EIF/Revlon.

3. Have a welcome speaker if you want, that’s cool. Even NYRR races do that. But 45 minutes+ of them (EIF/Revlon ran over in the speakers department) is absurd. Komen saves that stuff for the END of the race in the finish area. And even if they do have a couple (not 5 plus a singer) of speakers beforehand, they definitely don’t do the warm-up at the start of the chatty part and then make people stand for 45+ minutes getting cooled down again (made especially bad today as it was cool and windy and cloudy to begin with). Another FAIL EIF/Revlon.

2. Komen doesn’t waste money on silly medallions. If you’re a charity run, you should put as much of the registration costs and donations towards the charity and not waste it on such silliness. (For this I blame the L.A. run/walk as judging from the FB page there has been whining from transplanted L.A. peeps who were “so sad” they didn’t get their “medal” when they did it in NYC. Hands down FAIL EIF/Revlon.

And the number 1 reason Komen > EIF/Revlon…

1. Komen’s course is truly 5K. EIF/Revlon’s is “approximately” 5K. Well, apparently to them “approximately” is over half a mile short. I knew it was going to be short when I saw the 2 mile marker and knew that it was crazy-close to the finish. At that point my enthusiasm totally went out the door. I was on pace for a massive 5K PR, but at that point I slowed down a good bit because really, I’m not going to kill myself for something that won’t even count. (Note that at least two of us have complained on their FB page and their response was it was “a little bit short” due to “construction in the park”…um…I dropped my “goodie bag” at the church where we meet for running club and went back into the park to get some more miles in and ran over what is their “usual” course and there is NO construction going on.) EPIC FAIL EIF/Revlon.

Sorry EIF/Revlon, but 5 FAILS is ridiculous. From now on, the Komen Race for the Cure will have my time, energy and money in the fight against breast cancer and I’ll donate on my own to fight other women’s cancers.


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