I feel like it’s progress…

Yesterday was my first 6:1 interval run. Six reps of that. It went ok…I only walked for a minute or so during one run interval because I pushed too hard going up a hill. I was a little bummed when I saw my distance and that it was less than my other runs of the same length (7 reps of 5:1), BUT I have to keep in mind that it was warmer and more humid than any weather I’ve run in before. And until I get acclimated to it, I really should take it slower. Hopefully the weather in NYC will be getting warmer so I can get myself acclimated to warmer weather.

I was supposed to fly home yesterday evening. Uh…yeah. We got to about an hourish outside of JFK and were put in a holding pattern for an hour. At that point they didn’t know when we’d be released from that, and the safest thing regarding fuel levels was to turn around and go BACK to Nashville. Luckily they got me on a flight this morning into LaGuardia. Not my favorite, but it beat doing one into JFK with two connections.

I went to get my shirt and stuff for the Revlon/eif Run on Saturday – I don’t know if they were supposed to have sent me a bib or what, but the girl doing the distribution was seemingly VERY annoyed that I didn’t have anything with me and she had to do a “revision” on my bib number. The map in the info they gave us doesn’t indicate a “runners” area in which to line up…it better be clear on Saturday. So far it’s not shaping up to be a good event based on all of this.

I should be doing XT this evening. But I’m feeling a little dizzy – don’t know if I’m just overtired or what. I’m opting to just take a chill day – I did a few rounds of the airport this morning and some lifting with my bag and stairs. I’d rather chill than end up getting sick or worse. Tomorrow is a run day…and I may try to get in some yoga also. Also? Hydrating in case that’s the issue.


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