I know, I know…

It seems as if I gave up this blog for Lent. It wasn’t intentional, I promise!!!

I’ll just do bullet points to bring you up to date…

* The Scotland Run 10K netted me another PR! 1:15:09!! Woot!! Honestly I’m shocked that it was a PR time…I felt like I was dragging for most of it, just couldn’t get my legs to go. Part of it was because I know I started out too fast. And the other part? I have no clue. Mad props to AJ for vocally pushing me into the finish line…at that point I really felt like I was done but she kept yelling “You’re not dying! You’re right there! Run!!!” And it got me those last few yards.

* I’m going to be doing a Spartan Sprint with some running club buddies. Yes, one of those where you crawl under barbed wire and jump fire. I don’t think either of those two things were EVER on my “do before I turn 40” list (if I’ve even got one of those…), but they are two things that will be done by then. It’ll either be June 4 or 5.

* My current training plan is Coach Jenny’s run/walk a 10K. The goal race here is the NYRR Mini 10K – theoretically I’ll be doing run a mile/walk a minute for that. So far the training’s going pretty well. It’s been interesting this week as my parents’ neighborhood is extremely hilly. So we’ll see what happens with times/paces when I get back to NYC!

* So I know I said before in the post about my “bucket list o’races” that Boston wasn’t really one that was on there. Well… They say never say never – which technically I didn’t say, but… Reading the tweets and things of the race itself and reading about some of my friends’ experiences, I’ve set my goal for it. 2013 for one of the charities (because while I may be “a crazy person” as my sister refers to us runners, I’m not delusional enough to think I’ll EVER BQ time-wise). So I’m saving my pennies to help fund that charity run starting now.

* So it’s probably a good thing that the new runDisney race is – EW! – Tinkerbell themed. Gross, gross, gross. I definitely have issues with it being yet another women’s race – especially when Tinkerbell is a tiny (pun intended) part of a much larger story in Peter Pan which would have made an amazing theme and allowed for so much choice in terms of people who choose to run in costume – the stupid, spoiled brat of a fairy, boys who don’t want to grow up in Peter, a princess-y type figure in Wendy, and even Pirates. But more than that, why do you want to have a whiny, selfish, spoiled brat of a figure as the theme for your race? And if you’re promoting girl power, why especially name it for someone who let’s not forget tried to poison Wendy because she was jealous!?!?!? I know, I know…they have the Princess at WDW and I’ve thought about doing it, but at least with the Princesses, you have a few (Mulan, Tiana…to a slight degree Rapunzel, though that one’s questionable in my mind) who actually have a backbone (and then there’s bookworm Belle, so she’s pretty positive too) – it’s not just little whimps who have to be rescued by a prince. Really most of what I’ve got to say on the subject has already been said on message boards and other blogs. It’s done…the decision was made. And I can take that $120 race fee and put it in my Boston 2013 fund! 🙂 I did find it sadly ironic that this new race was announced on the day that we lost Grete Waitz. Clearly there was no way to predict that, but it was sad that something like a Tinkerbell Race would be announced on the day when one of the great pioneers of the equality of women’s running lost her battle with cancer.

* New running shoes are always fun! Got a pair of Brooks Adrenaline 10s so I can rotate those in with my other shoes while I’m training! Also fun new running skirt! Woot!!

* John Bingham and Coach Jenny have cooked up another 100 Days Challenge…but we don’t know deets yet. Hopefully it won’t drag on as long as the stupid guessing game runDisney did for the stupid new race… 😛

*Did I mention how hilly my parents’ neighborhood is? Well, today I decided to try and tackle this hill that I’ve purposely avoided until now. It’s very much reminiscent of the worst part of Harlem Hill, and I was all “No. Just…no.” But I gave it a shot today. And came within 10-15 yards of running it all the way to the top!! Not very fast, but I almost made it! So I’m proud of myself!!

So…that’s about it for now. Tomorrow’s Easter, so I’ll be much better about updating here. Even if I didn’t technically give up updating for Lent. LOL.


5 thoughts on “I know, I know…

    • Hey hey!! 😀 I’m running 2 in 2012 also…Disney and NYC! 🙂 There’s time in between to train! Now the really crazy one is the Disneyland Half and then almost positively the wine and Dine about 4 weeks later. THAT is hardcore!

      • Goodness! I am not even going to attempt your pace! I will be happy running 4-5 races this year. I cannot get my head to think about 2012 yet, other than picking a HM for us.

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