Day 3…

Of the 30 Day Shred project. Yeah, yeah, I said I’d started it a few days ago. Well, I wasn’t feeling well Thursday, so I skipped…and then decided that since April has 30 days, I’ll just do it every day during April! 😀

Of course that means taking a set of weights home with me for break…I’m going with the 3lb ones. Because really? Who wants to add 10lbs in the suitcase just for weights? 6 is enough! It’s ok…that time will largely be level 2, and I hate level 2.

Yesterday I did 60 minutes at 4:1. Ended up doing around 5.77 miles. I say around because a) I was stupid and didn’t set the garmin back to “run” from “general” for the sport, so it didn’t pick up my footpod at all and b) runkeeper failed on my phone as per usual…so I went with the mileage on the Central Park running maps.

Tomorrow begins the 10K training plan! Bump that run time up to 5 minutes!! Woohoo!! I can do this!!!

OK…now QUESTION!!!! I found a 10K in Nashville on the 16th. I get in at 9:22pm on the 15th. My dad’s willing to get up and drive me over to the 10K if I want to do it. I’m trying to decide. I’ll have done one 10K on the 10th. I’ll have been doing my regular training all week. This one’s reported to be flat…I don’t really get flat 10Ks here in NYC thanks to the hills in Central Park, so in theory I could really go for a PR. But I don’t know… Thoughts? Should I go for it or not? I’ll have to be there by around 7 to on-site register…which would mean leaving probably around 6am. I’m so indecisive!!! Help!!


One thought on “Day 3…

  1. I would probably skip the 10k (PR chance and all) since you don’t get in until after 9 (which with airlines these days, who knows what time you’ll actually get in. Plus by the time you actually get to your house, get settled in, etc are you really going to be in race mode the next morning? I personally would be way too stressed over it. But, I totally understand the appeal of a flat race!

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