Yay running!!!

Today was my first day back running after last week’s “chill and do whatever light exercise you want” week. I really should have done more than I did, especially as I felt so much better after this HM than I did after my first.

But what’s done is done…or rather what’s not done is not done.

I’d wanted to go outside today, but the wind was making it sooooooo cold I opted for the treadmill at Planet Fitness. I don’t mind the treadmill that much. Today I got the added fun of watching them take the treadmill in front of me apart to get something that somehow (don’t ask me how) went FORWARD on the ‘mill while a woman was walking on it. They finally were able to retrieve the item…her iPod. They put it back together and she got back on to walk. Well, someone needs to teach her about things like spiBelts or arm bands to hold the iPod because when I was gathering my jacket, she dropped it AGAIN. This time it did the normal thing and shot off the back of the ‘mill. But really. You drop it twice (at least) in one workout? There are things to help you avoid that!!

At any rate it felt really good to get back running again!! 😀 Hopefully weather will cooperate later in the week so I can get outside, but I’m not going to hold my breath. We’ll see though.

Next week I’m starting Coach Jenny’s run/walk a 10K plan. Assuming my body cooperates, it’ll work me up to longer and longer run intervals and at the race (it times out perfectly for the Mini 10K on 6/11) my goal will be to run a mile and walk a minute!! Whee!!!!

Oh, and Friday night I’m getting a bike! Yay!! It’s not new or fancy, and it may be slightly on the short side, but it’s free and it’ll serve the purpose of giving me a bike to kick around on and decide if I want to save up and get myself a legit bike in the future. Yay!! Fun XT!


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