So what comes next?

Now that I’ve done the WDW Half Marathon AND the NYC Half Marathon?

More races of course!! 😀

Granted, I’ve got about 6 weeks before I officially start training for my next Half – Disneyland – which will fishtail into my FULL MARATHON TRAINING!!

Oh yes…did I mention I’m running the Walt Disney World Full Marathon in 2012?

I am!!

All signed up!!


But in the meantime, my list of races…

4/10 ~ NYRR Scotland Run 10K
4/30 ~ Revlon Run for Women 5K
5/8 ~ NYRR Japan Day 4M
5/17 ~ NYRR American Heart Association Start! Wall Street Run (3M)
6/11 ~ NYRR New York Mini 10K (I should note this will mark #9 and complete my 9+1 for guaranteed entry into the 2012 NYC Marathon – so my first half and full will be at the same place and my second half and full will be at the same place!)
6/25 ~ NYRR FRNY Pride Run
9/4 ~ Disneyland Half Marathon
1/8 ~ Walt Disney World Marathon

YES, the Disney World Wine and Dine will be going in there. I just haven’t paid for it yet, and I’m not adding it in until it’s paid for just in case it somehow goes from less than 50% full to filled before April 15.

So fear not intrepid reader! The training will not stop!

Though it may be a little disorganized for the next few weeks when I’m not on a plan. LOL.


4 thoughts on “So what comes next?

  1. Hi Beth,
    We met in the corral at the NYC Half I was with my sister and daughter and you took a great picture of us. I mentioned your blog and how I came upon it. So proud of your time I took 20 mins off my time. Down here in Fl we have no hills to train lol!! Anyway I wanted to tell you to not signup for the Disney Wine and Dine. I did this race with my daughter last year and it was awful and not worth the money. If you want to add another Disney race definitely do the Princess Half. We did this race two years in a row and now it is a tradition to have an all girls weekend! It was so nice to meet you on that chilly morning and hope to meet you again..maybe at a Disney race or we might get into the NYC Marathon!!

    • Hi Dawn! 🙂 Thanks for commenting! It was ice to meet you too!! WOW! 20 minutes off is AWESOME!!!! You totally rocked it!! I know they’re making some changes to Wine and Dine – we’ll see. I’ve got the time off from school, so if nothing else, it’s a good time to go down and chill with my sister and friends. 😀 I just don’t think I can stomach all the pink and purple of the Princess. I’m so not a girly-girl. LOL. Stay in touch!

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