Adventures in PT

Yep. I’ve got a physical terrorist now! Whee!

I decided that it would be smart to a) nip whatever was making my knee be swollen without hurting in the bud and b) go ahead and get established with a practice so that when I really do something bad I’ve got an established relationship already.

I went yesterday. He talked to me for a bit, then did things like watch me walk, check my patella alignment, check my strength all over my legs, check the flexibility, etc. Then we chatted.

Things we discovered:
*I’m definitely in the right kind of shoes with stability/motion control. He watched me wal barefoot and said I definitely pronate.
* My patellas track to the outside. This is likely the primary cause of the problem because it can rub up against the old IT band.
* My muscles, particularly in my pelvic area, are nowhere near as strong as they should be – he assured me he sees a lot of runners in the same predicament.
* My IT bands in particular, but also other leg muscles, are really tight.
* My balance can be a little wonky, but I’ve known that from yoga.

He said it should be a quick fix, and sees no reason right now for me to run. Definitely keep up with the icing. I have several stretches to do, a command to use the foam roller every day (and upgrade to a firmer one ASAP), and strengthening exercises to do. Well, I did them today there, and the assistant who walked me through them all is going to email me a link to a website where I can see my particular exercises and little videos to remind me how to do them if I need that. I go back next Wednesday and Friday. Hooray for it seemingly being nothing TOO serious in the great scheme of things. Weak muscles are things that can definitely be fixed.

The website is so Big Brother. Not only can I SEE them, I am to LOG them, and it graphs my compliance! So I’ll definitely be doing them. And though the assistant said to do them 3 times next week to match the 2 I’m going into the office, the website instructions say 7 days. And I’m kind of scared to be fussed at for being “non-compliant”. So I’m thinking I’ll do them every day until Wednesday and then ask if I’m supposed to do them 7 days a week or just 5.

I need to get a couple of pieces of equipment, but nothing I can’t improvise until I do.

The good news is I didn’t cry as much doing the foam roller tonight as I did yesterday.

Oh, and I can still run! On tap for tomorrow? 2.5 hours! Whee!!


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