I’m a soggy little shamrock!!

But a happy little shamrock!!!

After taking the rest of the week off after Monday… Oh wait, did I not mention that little thing? On Tuesday I noticed that my left knee seemed a little swollen. It didn’t hurt, but it was definitely on the puffy side. So hello RICE. I also got an appointment for the 10th at a Sports PT practice here in NYC.

Friday night was First Friday Social with Front Runners. After icing the knee, I opted not to wear the compression sleeve/brace I’d been wearing to see what it would do. No swelling when I got home.

And so yesterday I went to Prospect Park to test it out. An hour and a half later I’d run/walked 6.83 miles! And still felt good!! Yahoo!!

Today was the NYRR Coogan’s Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks 5K in Washington Heights. Weather.com listed 9am (start time) as a 10% chance of rain. Well DARN IT if Washington Heights wasn’t in that 10%. So hi my first race in the rain.

I’d been warned that the course had some monster hills in it. And oy did it!! But I’m proud to say that I did my complete run intervals even on the hills on the first half of the course (I was working a 3.5:1.5 run:walk ratio today). And honestly, I shocked myself when I saw the first mile marker come up. Of course the leaders had already passed me going the other way on the lollipop course, but I was running MY race!

Once we started to circle the Cloisters, I opted to walk a bit on that monster hill to conserve so I had something left to kick at the end. Because, you know, even when you’re going downhill, you still have to have something left in the tank.

I made sure I was running at 190th St. (it was a run interval AND a downhill segment, so woo!!!) because some of my Front Runner boys (I think it was all boys there…I was going too fast to look hard…had to watch for puddles and potholes) were there cheering – including Cesar and his AMAZING “Run faster! Charlie Sheen is winning!” sign!! LOVED THAT!!!!

Walked a little on the flat until I could see the Mile 3 sign not too far off, and then I started my kick. Ran all the way across the finish!!

Official time? 35:37!!!!

SIX MINUTE PR!!!!!! (My other timed 5K was my first. And it was on flat Governor’s Island. Time? 41:36. It was my first, but also I didn’t have an organized run/walk schedule. I just walked when I needed to. So to me, this proves that for me, having that scheduled walk break is for sure the way to go!!)

What even?????

I’ll take it!!!

Now…two good weeks of training, and next Sunday the NYC Half is mine!!

(This was Day 65 of the 100 Day Challenge, which I’m rocking!!)


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