The mojo appears to be back!

I’ll admit it…I had to fight with myself to do my running workout today. Had it been pretty, I likely would have gone back to the “scene of the crime” so to speak and either psyched myself out or just done it. But it was gross out, so I opted for the gym and the treadmill.

And I figured what the hell…let’s just go for it with inclines. So run intervals 1-8 were done at inclines anywhere from 2-6!! Speed for 1-7 was 4.8mph and for 8 was 4.9mph. Then interval 9 I dropped it to 1.5 incline but bumped it to 5mph.

And I made it!!!

Of course I’m now pooped and looking at going to bed earlier than I’ve done really since I was a little kid. But i’m thinking sleep will be good.


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