Still here, still training!

I am still here! Life has gotten in the way of posting if not of training! 😀

I did get a run in while in Florence! It was gorgeous!! I’d planned an hour or so but cut it at 30 minutes because those cobblestones while pretty will really do a number on your legs. I definitely got in foot time on the rest of the trip though! Including two days of massive steps – 487 one day and 463 another. That was climbing the campanille and the duomo respectively. VERY worth it, but definitely a challenge!!

Today was the Al Gordon Classic 4-miler. And I had a bad feeling about it from the start. Nothing specific…I was just grumpy and whiny. Then while I was getting ready, I tweaked my mid-back while I was pulling on my compression tights. Ouch! Almost fell on the stairs to the subway. But I made it there in one piece. They seem to be going to B-tags (where the chip is on the bib) with NYRR which does mean you don’t have to worry about forgetting to put the D-tag on your shoe, but it also means that if you put the bib on your shirt you cannot layer as it cannot be covered. And the ability to layer today would have been nice. Also it makes wearing a SpiBelt a bit of a challenge as you’re not supposed to have anything over the bib – so you’d have to put your bib way up over your chest (totally awk for those of us with boobs). I did it without the belt today, but that meant that I didn’t have my inhaler. And while I’ve not been needing it as much lately, today of course I needed it. So I ended up race-walking almost the whole thing. I did consider just stopping a few times, especially when I was passing the pathway to our baggage (also considered just taking the time penalty and running up there to get the inhaler, which I probably should have done), but at the same time, I knew I’d be really mad at myself if I didn’t finish and wasn’t injured.

I’m thinking in the future I’ll either pin the B-tag to my pants or I’ll thread the SpiBelt under the bib. NOT running without it again that’s for sure!!

So I ended up with a time of 54:55. Which sucks, but I finished it under less than ideal circumstances. Hopefully I’ve gotten the crappy race out of my system for a while!!

Monday it’s back on the training wagon full-steam!


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