Yay for a breakthrough run!!

This week officially marked the start of formal training for the NYC Half (meaning I’m done with the recovery weeks after the WDW Half and jumping back into the training plan)! And it didn’t start great – Monday I felt like death warmed over (yeah…probably shouldn’t have fully run that race on Sunday…) so I skipped my run. Did yoga Tuesday and Wednesday. Then there was all kinds of fun at the doctor’s office on Thursday (he’s a jerk…seriously, who says “Oh, you have stretch marks here.” and follows that up with proving he’s not listening to a word you’re saying with this exchange: “Hmm. Do you wear sunscreen?” “Yes. I burn way too easily not to.” “You really need to, you know. You have almost no pigment in your skin.”) – I’ve about decided that other than GYN stuff (and maybe for that too, but I really have had only good experiences with that department) I’m done with Callen-Lorde. Both doctors I’ve seen have been utter and total assholes. It’s just such a pain to find a new one. Ugh! But I digress… So Thursday was a wash other than wandering around Union Square waiting on another scrip to get filled (yeah, there was Duane Reade fail as well…the woman who dropped her scrip off directly before me (she was at the window when I got there) was able to get her scrip a good 20 minutes before me, which is ABSURD). Yesterday I hit the gym for 12 reps of 3:1 and it went well.

But today???

There are these things called “breakthrough runs”. Where you (duh) break through some kind of barrier – distance, time, etc. I haven’t really had one of those before. I mean, I’ve had some great runs, but never one that I’d call a breakthrough run.

Well…I finally had one today! Legit! I went over to Prospect Park to run:walk for 2 hours (plus a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down) at a 3:2 interval (24 reps). If I looked at my training plan, it was 7-9 miles, but while training for the NYC Half, I’m looking more at foot time than distance. So two hours, and whatever the mileage turned out to be, so be it.

Well…at the end of 2 hours and 10 minutes, my distance was 10.31 miles!!! But that’s not the breakthrough!

Well, there were two really.

The first was that I ran every second of every one of my run intervals!!! I didn’t drop to a walk in any of them!! Now, granted, my pace was a bit slower than my shorter run paces and for sure my race pace, but still, I ran them!! The second, and in my mind bigger, breakthrough was that those run intervals included time either going from flat to The Beast (that evil hill in Prospect Park) or starting while on The Beast. INCLUDING a run segment during rep 22 and restarting running rep 23 (out of 24) while on the hill!!!! I’m so proud of myself!!!

And as I’m looking to the NYC Half in 5 weeks, that is a HUGE confidence boost, especially since the last miles there are flat to slightly downhill!! And especially as my pace without pushing hard was still a minute and change under the minimum requirement for the NYC Half!!

I am pumped!!! 😀

(And this was day 43 of the 100 Day Challenge! I’ve done at least 30 minutes of something every day so far!)


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