Still working it!!

I’m in the last week of “recovery” from the Disney Half, and feeling good and strong.

Yesterday I did 8 reps of 4:1 on the treadmill. I had to walk a little in the central intervals, but I made myself run the last one – that whole finish fast and strong thing Koach Kelsey talked about at the women’s team meeting last week. So I feel good about that.

Today I combined Bob’s Butt and Balance workout with his Yoga Abs workout. So my core and lower body are definitely fired up.

Tomorrow is Wild Women’s Wednesday at Front Runners – but we’re supposed to have an ice storm all night tonight…so who knows what Central Park will be like tomorrow. I’ll see. Technically it’s an SRD for me, but I’ve been known to swap the Wednesday SRD and the Thursday run day. We’ll see what the weather is and what I’m feeling. I may just go for dinner…but we’ll see. It’s a really late dinner even with a workout, so without… IDK.

Sunday’s the Gridiron Classic – a 4 miler. I’m hoping to improve on my baseline, but we’ll see what happens. I’m not going to get distraught if I don’t PR as long as I’m close. Once I’m done with the NYC Half, I’m going to work on this whole “race pace” and “training pace” differential thing. Because right now? They’re pretty darn close to each other. Hee?

Anyway…I’ve done 32 days of the 100 Days Challenge so far!!

Oh…have I mentioned that I’ve signed up as a runner in the EiF Revlon Run For Women? It’s April 30. It’s a 5K. I’ve done it before, but as a walker. I’m really excited to do it as a runner!! IF – and please don’t feel obligated to do so – but IF you would like to sponsor me, you can visit my page. Thanks!


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