Snow = change in plans!

Today was supposed to be a run day. I was going to try out my new CW-X compression tights. But mother nature apparently had other plans.

We got 19 inches of snow in NYC overnight. On top of everything that was still there from the Christmas blizzard and our other snows. Good times. We did get a snow day out of it since the majority of the city’s public transportation system was shut down. So that was a bonus.

I decided that rather than add the cardio (and up the injury risk) of climbing over the snow to get to the subway and the gym, I’d switch the run day and the XT day. Woo!

Ended up doing Jillian’s Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and pushing it hard. I don’t recall ever feeling like puking during it before, but today I had that feeling twice. Go me! I do make the one alteration of doing butt kicks rather than “cross-countries” because as much as I try I am simply not skilled in the techniques of cross-country skiing (ask the three different trainers at the Y where I used to go who tried to teach me how to use the NordicTrac), and I’d just end up hurting myself. But other than that I pushed every exercise as hard as I could! Go me!

So that was Day 27 of the 100 Days challenge! I’ve done something every day even if I haven’t posted it on here. I promise!

Also new in my routine? I’m doing Coach Jenny’s Killer Caterpillars every morning! 5 of them! It’s fun in my NYC apartment…I manage 2 or 3, then turn during the hang down section – while hanging down – and go the other direction. Hee! I will probably also do them before and after running – which should earn me some funny looks at the gym…I’m thinking people will just be like “Oh, crazy…” in the parks. It is NYC after all! Hee!


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