Yay yay yay for running!!!

FINALLY I had a day for running in my reverse taper in my training plan!!!!

Just 6 reps of 3:2 run:walk intervals, true. But RUNNING!!!

I’m really trying to trust my training and follow the reverse taper to not do too much too soon, but it’s tough!!!! Last night I did do an hour of Yoga for the Warrior on what was supposed to be a rest day, but it had been a hellacious day and I needed to get my zen on!

It was a bit cold to do Prospect Park – plus it’s still getting dark kind of early, and I’m not as familiar with their lighting. Also, I wasn’t sure that 6 reps of 3:2 would get me around the park. The little park close to my apartment has a couple of cleared paths, but they don’t really connect, so… To the gym it was.

Now, I’m not one to discourage anyone trying to get in shape, but… Let’s get real. It’s January 20. Shouldn’t those resolutionists be dropping out of the gym about now? Because they don’t seem to be dropping out of mine. I barely found a treadmill. OY!

But I did manage to find one and got my run on. Felt GREAT!!!! YAY!!!!

Also, that fulfilled day 20 of the 100 Days Challenge! 🙂

And also again? Still LOVING my Brooks Adrenalines!!!! They make my feet so so happy!! And happy feet make me a happy little runner girl!!


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