Butt and Balance ~ Bob’s dvds

So as much as I wanted to run, a) the weather is nastiness personified outside (sleet, freezing rain, and then rain making everything all slushy and gross) and b) I’m not supposed to run yet per my training plan. Now, granted, I know I don’t HAVE to do everything by the letter… But my training following John and Jenny’s plan got me to the starting line of the Half generally uninjured (IT flares, but beyond that, uninjured), so why would I stop trusting it now. Running will come on Thursday.

So today was some XT. So I decided to be brave. But it was supposed to be short. So I tried to think about where I needed to be focusing. Working on the legs and the core seemed like a good plan, and so it was Bob Harper’s Butt and Balance. No, it’s not a DVD you can go and buy on its own. It’s the “short” section on his Body Rev Cardio Conditioning. It’s hellacious, but it’s so worth it.

Maybe one day I’ll get brave and put his short ones back to back to back and make them into one workout.


(Yes, this met my 100 Days Challenge for Day 18.)


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