Next steps!

I got out today for the first run/walk since the half. And in my new shoes!! Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11s!!! I love them, and my feet are really happy with them too!!

The run went really well. I wanted to take it easy, so I decided to do the lower loop in Central Park. That way if I could see how I felt at the end of one lap and decide if I wanted to do another lap. I did. So the total was 3.54 miles. A couple more weeks of reverse tapering, and then I’ll jump right into training for the NYC Half.

Having done the Disney Half in less than 3 hours definitely gives me confidence going into NYC. They have a 3 hour time limit. Granted I was only 13 minutes under, but I feel like with the extra training I can push the time down a bit more. I won’t be stopping or slowing for pictures, and hopefully I won’t have to pull over with shoe issues, so I should be golden.

Coach Jenny asked me via twitter yesterday what my next goal is, and obviously the most immediate is the NYC Half. But here’s my upcoming schedule…

2/6 – NYRR Gridiron Classic 4M
2/26 – NYRR Al Gordon Classic 4M
3/6 – NYRR Coogan’s Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks 5K
3/20 – NYC Half Marathon
9/4 – Disneyland Half Marathon
10/1 – Walt Disney World Wine and Dine Half Marathon (reg not open yet)
1/8/12 – Walt Disney World Marathon (reg not open yet)

I’m debating the Broad Street Run in Philly…I know I don’t have long to debate that one. I know there are other NYRR races I’ll be doing in the spring…registration just isn’t open for them yet. I need to get 5 more in before the end of the year to get guaranteed entry into the 2012 NYC Marathon.

Also I’m going to look into starting pilates – I have a 5 class card to a studio that I got on They recommend you do private lessons first, and they have a 3-pack…so I need to get on that.

But don’t worry. This fitness and running thing isn’t going away any time soon!! 😀


2 thoughts on “Next steps!

  1. So just to elaborate on my tweet…my impression might be tainted by the fact that last year it was insanely hot on the day of the race and I was hating the entire 10 miles. Here are the reasons why I don’t like the BSR: 1) size–last year I ran it there were 35K runners. Starting lines were insane. Finish area was insane. The T-shirt really sucked (not a tech T…and maybe I’m spoiled since even 5Ks in the DC area hand out tech Ts).

    I was really excited about the route. I went to school, lived and worked in Philly for a number of years and was looking forward to the race last year. But Broad Street turned out to be….not that interesting. The crowd support was ok, not the awesomeness that they make it out to be. It is also really, really straight–as in, you see ahead of you want you have to run and it never seems to end.

    • Gotcha. That all makes sense. I doubt I’ll sign up for it. I’ve just heard about it a lot and was intrigued. I’m also waiting to see what other races NYRR comes out with…they have some listed after the NYC Half, but not open for registration, and there will likely be others added in as well. So many options!

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