Recovering. And the search for shoes.

I’ve been taking it a little bit easy since the Half – letting my legs and body recover. I did Yoga Meltdown yesterday. Will probably do Yoga for the Warrior tomorrow. The stretching is good. I’ve also been doing things like taking the stairs more at school and walking to and from the subway rather than taking the bus. Today that walk included clambering through snow, because of course we had school today. Fun! /sarcasm

I did treat myself to a sports massage this afternoon. It felt good. Largely focused on my legs, but he did some work with my back too. He’s worked on numerous occasions with the NYC Ballet, so I felt good about going there. And I’m glad I did. There were times that whatever he was pressing on hurt, but I’m pretty sure this was one of those times that the hurt was good for me. 😀

After that, I went to JackRabbit to try out some different shoes. I explained about my toe thing during the half, and he suggested I go up at least half a size. So 9.5. Ok. He went back and brought out some kind of Nike, the Saucony Guide 3, and the Asics Kayano…I think 16 but maybe 15. I tried them each on and got on the treadmill with them. The Nikes were instantly voted off the island. Not only were they UGLY (though really I’m trying to get over what the shoe looks like and go with what works for my feet), but there was this…it felt like a bubble thing that I think was supposed to be at the ball of your foot but hit me just behind mine and even in the 30 seconds or so that I was running bugged the crap out of me. The Sauconys felt ok…not amazing, but not horrible. It’s something I could live with. The Asics Kayanos didn’t feel that great, so I eliminated them. He also brought out the 2160s in a 9.5 for me to try, but this one pinched AND rubbed, so no. Asics GT-2160s are off my shoe island. I asked him about Brooks, because I’ve heard a ton of good things about them. He said there is one he’d normally bring out first thing for my type of foot, but right now they were out of 9.5s in the regular width. He had a pair in a wider width that he brought out to let me try and get a feel for them. Um…can we say heaven??? They are only an ounce lighter than the 2160s or the Guide 3s, but they just felt lighter. Yes, I need to try on a pair in my width, and he put in a request from their warehouse which could be in Friday (it was too late for them to get there tomorrow, and he has no way of knowing if someone else from another store already put in a request for the 1 pair they have right now) but assuming that one works, I have a new shoe that my feet are in love with! Worst-case they’ll be in the shipment they have coming in on Tuesday (which I’m thinking could be Wednesday since Monday is MLK day).



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