Three days to go…

…and taper madness hath fully hit.

When I was reading Marathoning for Mortals the taper period was described as “the closest you’ll ever be to being possessed” and talked about wildly fluctuating mood swings.

Other than the shoe issue, I hadn’t really had any of those and was feeling pretty good. I wasn’t feeling like I couldn’t eat. I wasn’t overly nervous. I was feeling confident.

And then suddenly walking to the subway today I was in tears and freaking out.


So I’m doing things like making sure my nook is fully charged so I’ll be occupied on the plane. That kind of thing. The less time my brain has to think about it, the better. My Runner’s World magazine came today, and funnily enough there was an article about mantras and a “make your own mantra” grid. So…

Be strong! Embrace power!

…is my new mantra! Woo!!!!!

The bag is packed. I’m checked into my flight. All that’s left to do now is sleep…and get through tomorrow at school. Then it’s off to the House of the Mouse!!

And day 5 of the 100 days challenge is done. Walked for 2.54 miles for 34 minutes at running club tonight. Yay!


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