Four days to go…

…and taper madness is rearing its ugly head in the form of shoe freak-outs.

Ok, not unfounded shoe freak-outs. But shoe freak-outs nonetheless.

Shoe freak-outs that resulted in me paying a visit to my local running store (LRS) to talk to someone about my “crisis”. The guy who was helping me started off with “I’m sure it’s not a crisis” but turned to “Oh…yeah…” when I told him my dilemma. Old shoes with 450-500 miles on them, newish shoes that rub a major tendon unless I tie them differently, or a new brand and style.

His response? “None are really great.”

Gee, thanks dude!

But seriously, he was more helpful than that. He asked what size I wore and went back to look and see if they had any 2150s in my size left in stock – the thinking being that at least if I was going to be in shoes with less than 10 miles on them, they would be shoes my feet are familiar with. They didn’t. He checked their other stores to see if they had any. They didn’t. He suggested I check at another store close by. They didn’t have them either. I called one other store I knew of. No go. At that point, I just conceded that there are NO size 9 Asics GT-2150s left in stock in NYC.

Back to my store to discuss further. By this point he’d discussed with someone else options. They had found one pair of 9.5s, but try as we might, they were just too slippy on my feet. The verdict seemed to be that most likely my best option would be to run on the old ones – after all, they still have more padding than five fingers. However, they did have me put on a pair of 2160s to experiment with lacing styles, and we found one that looks like it might work.

I’m going to give it a shot with the newer ones (new, but I’ve worn them for maybe 30 miles) tomorrow at the fun run – mainly walking, but I might jog for a few minutes just to see how the shoes feel.

So basically an afternoon of freaking out and running around led me back to the same theory I’d had before leaving. Take them both and plan on the old ones unless a miracle happens and this lacing thing works.

Oh my!

When I get back, the quest for new shoes will begin. I did look at some on the wall, and both Brooks and New Balance seem to lace a little further down your foot, so those might be my starting point. We shall see!


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