Five days to go…

The last run before race weekend is in the books!

I hit the gym – and had to fight for a treadmill among all the resolutionists who you know will be gone by the end of the month. All the way upstairs and at the far end. Oy!!

Overall the run felt good. I *think* I’ve solved the shoe issue at least for now. The older shoes are coming with in case this fix proves not to work. But at least I don’t have to adjust to a whole new shoe before the Half!

Now it’s all about XT and relaxing. I’m surprisingly not nervous about it. Granted that might be because I haven’t really had time to think about it…we’ll see how things go as the week goes on.

Definitely getting excited though!!!

Also? Chalk this up as Day 3 in the 100 days challenge!!


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